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Oh, No! My Check Engine Light Is On!

Can I Keep Driving? You’re out on a cruise with the sunroof opened up, and the windows rolled down. Your favorite song blasts through your vehicle’s speakers, sending your head bobbing to the beat. It’s a good day, with the sun out and a cool breeze wafting all around you. Then, you see that dreaded […]

Should I Get My A/C Repaired?

The Short Answer Is “Yes” Should you shovel out the big bucks to get your air conditioning repaired? The hot summer sun would absolutely tell you, “yes.” However, fixing an air conditioning system can be a costly repair. Routine maintenance of your vehicle can keep you from expensive fixes that may strangle your savings account, […]

There Are How Many Car Suspension Types?

The Four Types Of Car Suspensions Picture it: you’re driving along a scenic route with trees changing colors. Rich reds catch your eye. Bright yellows morph into soft oranges. Trees sway with the breeze filtering through the cracks in your car windows, filling your nostrils with fresh air. Then, you slam into a pothole. Your […]

Is Your Car Starting To Drive You?

This Is Why Your Arms Feel So Tired It’s date night, and dinner is already calling your name. You jump behind the wheel of your vehicle, crank up that smooth engine, and ease your way onto the road. Except, something doesn’t feel right. The wheel keeps tugging you in a different direction. Your knuckles whiten […]

Every Car Needs A Tune-Up!

When someone says ‘car maintenance,’ what pops into your head? Oil changes? Putting air in your tires? Maybe topping off windshield wiper fluids? You’d be correct in all of those assumptions, but there’s more to it than that. Regular vehicle tune-ups are more than just oil changes and cleaning dirty air filters. Whether you’re restoring […]

So, Your Car Failed A Smog Check?

Diagnose the Issues In California, failing a smog check means your vehicle is releasing too many destructive chemical compounds into the air. Bummer, right? A licensed professional can help you diagnose and rectify the issue, but sometimes knowing what you’re up against can help with the anxiety of the situation. Smog checks are no joke; […]

How to Recognize the Need for Wheel Alignment

Does Wheel Alignment Really Matter? You’ve probably heard the expression about “reading the writing on the wall.” When it comes to your vehicle needing wheel alignment, the signs are nearly as clear. Instead of being written on a wall, however, you’ll detect them on the pavement where you drive. Even when the signs are present, […]

Understanding How the Exhaust System Works

Are You Exhausted with Not Understanding Smog Devices? If you don’t understand how certain components and systems of your vehicle work or what’s wrong with them, you can feel drained and overwhelmed. As applied to emissions and smog checks, your exhaust system might leave you feeling exhausted. If you’re feeling a little burned out, let […]

Hit the Gas and Drive Toward Your Career in Auto Repair

Fueling the Career That’s Right for You A couple of principles apply to your career opportunities. First, we’re fortunate to live in a country where we’re free to choose our own career paths. Second, a good bit of life is what you make it. Will you spend your working years in a dull job that […]

Is Limp Mode as Bad as It Sounds?

Is My Car Dead? Limp mode is a terrible sounding name. Understandably, it might strike fear in the heart of a car owner who has never heard of it before. Indeed, it might do the same for a driver who has never experienced this slowdown while operating an auto. As bad as it seems, limp […]

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