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Coolant? Antifreeze? Water?

What Is It and Why Does it Matter? You know you need fluid in your vehicle, but perhaps you’re confused by the different terminology you’ve heard tossed around. You’ve heard that you need coolant. You’ve heard that you need antifreeze. Somebody asked if you’d checked the water in your car. Coolant and antifreeze are the […]

A Mint for Your Mouth, Refrigerant for Your Car

Keeping Cool: The Role of Refrigerant in Your Vehicle’s AC System Your vehicle’s air conditioning system depends upon refrigerant to produce cool air for the passenger cabin. Think of it as doing for the warm air what a mint does for your mouth. The refrigerant changes states between gas and liquid as it circulates around […]

To Oil or Not to Oil: Electric Car Maintenance

Thinking About Electric Vehicle Maintenance If you’re driving your first electric vehicle, you already know that it’s quite different from a traditional auto powered by a combustion engine. Until you learn the ropes, you’ll want to think through the routine services your car will need. You may even be wondering if your new ride needs […]

How Calipers Work Within Your Car’s Braking System

Every Component Matters When it comes to your vehicle’s braking ability, failure is not an option. You know that your car has a braking system. That system is a cavalry of parts working together to achieve a single function, stopping your car. Therefore, every component matters. To make sure that all parts of the whole […]

Understanding the Total Oil Package, Including Additives

What Are Engine Oil Additives? Every vehicle owner knows that oil is important to auto operation. Few, however, understand why oil is so critical and how additives function to enhance an already good substance. We’re glad to give you a little information, and we’re also here to help you with all your oil change needs. […]

Having a Compressor is Cool, Literally

You Can Control the Weather (Inside Your Car) Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control the weather? Every day would be your ideal temperature. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system (or heat) is working well, you can indeed control the weather–at least inside your car. However, staying comfortably cool depends upon your AC’s compressor, […]

New Drivers, Same Old Habits

Good Driving Habits for New Drivers New drivers have the unique opportunity of a fresh start, so developing good motoring habits early is important. This becomes particularly important when one considers that 75% of all major crashes involving teens (who comprise the majority of the novice driver group) are the result of three common factors. […]

OIL: Oh, It’s Lit!

Oil Light Warning Causes Every driver knows that oil is vital to vehicle function and health, even if they don’t understand why. Therefore, seeing the dashboard oil light illuminate may cause panic for some, leading them to exclaim, “Oh, it’s lit!” If this happens to you, there’s no need to panic. We’ll walk you through […]

Pothole Potluck

What Can Happen When You Hit a Pothole Avoiding suspension damage on your daily drive is in some ways comparable to attending a community potluck dinner. First, you never know what you’re going to get. Just as you never know if the contributed dishes will be delicious or barely palatable, you can never be sure […]

The Machine That Is Your Fleet

Optimizing Fleets You’ve likely heard someone use the expression of something “running like a well oiled machine.” When you rely on fleet transportation for daily business operations, the fleet as a whole actually functions as a single machine. Think of a conveyor belt in a large factory; if it works well and reliably, taking goods […]