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How to Prepare for California’s Smog Check

How can you prepare your car for the California smog check? — West Automotive Group California is recognized as a leader in the field of emissions and smog control. In fact, by the time the federal government enacted national clean air standards, our state already had even more stringent requirements in place. California was afforded […]

What Is a Catalytic Converter

Can Somebody Please Explain The Catalytic Converter? — West Automotive Group New vehicles sold in the United States must meet federal Clean Air Act standards. Put in place in the 1970s, these regulations help protect our environment by controlling the emissions released into the air by our cars. An important component of the exhaust system […]

How Tune-Ups Extend Vehicle Life

Can Getting Routine Tune-ups Extend The Life Of Your Car? — West Automotive Group You’ve likely heard the advice that you should have your vehicle tuned-up on a regular basis. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s really that important. In a word, yes! Getting routine tune-ups improves performance, helps prevent serious problems and break-downs, and can […]

Wheel Alignment Angles: Explained

Who’s Your Angle Architect? — West Automotive Group Just as construction workers know the importance of angles in building, so do automotive technicians understand the relationships of wheels and vehicle components to one another. Builders generally express their concerns about ensuring that a structure is square, while mechanics work with angles by addressing a vehicle’s […]

Air and Fuel Filters: Explained

Who Knew There Was So Much To Filter? — West Automotive Group If you own a car, surely you’ve heard that you should have the filter changed. Although this is valuable information, did you know mentioning “a” filter or “the” filter, both singular descriptors, is a bit misleading? There is a minimum of five filters […]

Car AC Problems

Could That Be Mold In Your Car’s AC? — West Automotive Group You’ve heard of mold in someone’s basement or attic. You know it can be found in the bathroom. But did you know it can wreak havoc on your car? It may be growing in your vehicle’s air conditioning system right now without your […]

What Are Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs 101: A Quick Course — West Automotive Group The spark plug is a very small part, but it serves quite a large function in your automobile. Without spark plugs, your vehicle doesn’t operate. If your spark plugs need replacing, they can cause other problems for you. Before you get down to the wire […]

What Affects Car Alignment?

What Happened To My Wheel Alignment? — West Automotive Group Wheel alignment is important. While it might be ignored for a time, failure to bring your vehicle back into alignment if there’s a problem will catch up with you soon. You’ll likely find that your tires must be replaced sooner because the tread is worn […]

What Kind of Oil Do I Need?

Conventional? Synthetic? High-Mileage? Your engine needs oil for proper lubrication. There are so many different weights, types and brands of motor oil that it can be difficult to find the right option for your next oil change. Learn more about the basic types of engine oil and how you can enjoy an affordable, full-service oil […]

What Is Oil Viscosity?

Understanding Properties of Motor Oil When you get an oil change, whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it, you likely know that you need to get the right type of oil. Different motor oils have ratings such as 5W-30. This represents the oil viscosity. A lot of drivers don’t really understand […]