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Best Choice for Transmission Repair in San Marcos

When you are looking for transmission repair, San Marcos CA has many options. And while many of these transmission shops provide adequate transmission services, only West Escondido Automotive & Transmission offers the above and beyond customer care and transmission repair services to be known as the best transmission repair in San Marcos, CA.

What makes us your best choice for transmission repair in San Marcos?

We specialize in transmission repair. Many shops can perform a transmission service, but only a transmission specialist can spot the signs of possible transmission problems early on to help save you money! We have been providing top quality manual transmission repair and automatic transmission repair in San Marcos since 1992.

Our transmission experts know how to save you money. Our transmission repair experts are highly trained and experienced automotive professionals. Determining potential transmission issues before they become full-blown repairs is an invaluable skill that our transmission experts possess. Many times we can help our customers get back on the road with only minor transmission fixes rather than a complete transmission overhaul!

We offer a 3 year/100,000 national warranty. Our San Marcos transmission repair services come completely backed by an industry-leading 3 year/100,000 mile national warranty. Anywhere you travel in the country, your transmission will be covered.

We only perform NECESSARY transmission services. Today’s transmissions have many internal components that all work together to power your vehicle. But just because your transmission isn’t working, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need an entirely new transmission! We can pinpoint the cause of the transmission problem and promise to only provide the transmission repair services that are absolutely necessary to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable. We don’t want you spending more money than you have to!

We can help extend the life of your transmission. Our transmission repair experts are happy to talk with you about your driving habits in San Marcos, transmission maintenance services and more to help you extend the life of your manual or automatic transmission.