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West Escondido Automotive & Transmission is Now a Qualified Hybrid Repair Center in Escondido, CA!

ACDC Qualified Hybrid Repair EscondidoWest Escondido Automotive & Transmission is proud to announce that we are now a Qualified Hybrid Repair Center in Escondido, CA! We have been providing top quality hybrid service and hybrid repair in Escondido for a while now, but have now completed the necessary trainings and qualifications to be considered one of the best auto repair shops for hybrid repair in Escondido and the surrounding California communities. At West Escondido Automotive & Transmission, we are dedicated to helping preserve the environment for future generations, and greatly appreciate that you as hybrid drivers are doing the same. That’s why we wanted to make sure to become a Qualified Hybrid Repair Center in Escondido, CA so you would know where to take your hybrid vehicle to receive top quality hybrid repair and hybrid maintenance services. The Qualified Hybrid Repair Center title is awarded by the Auto Career Development Center (ACDC). ACDC has been providing these hybrid trainings and qualifications since 2000, and are the leaders in hybrid repair certification. In order to be a Qualified Hybrid Repair Center, an auto repair shop must:
  • Have ACDC Qualified Hybrid Auto Technicians
  • Only allow ACDC Qualified Hybrid Auto Technicians to work on hybrid vehicles
  • Have passed the 50 questions ACDC Hybrid test with a score of 80% or higher
  • Own the proper hybrid repair tools, scanners and equipment
  • Own a factory-issued scanner with the updated software for hybrid vehicles
  • Have access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for hybrid vehicles
  • Keep up with yearly ACDC hybrid certifications
So next time you need any hybrid services or hybrid repair Escondido, bring your hybrid vehicle to West Escondido Automotive & Transmission and our friendly team will be happy – and qualified – to help!

Written by West Automotive Group