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What Is A Car Radiator?

Radiating Information About Your Car’s Radiator — West Automotive Group Many drivers dream of someday owning a “hot” car, one that is powerful and sporty. But in reality, every vehicle is a hot car–just not necessarily of the desirable sort. To help control the heat, your auto has a cooling system whose star is the […]

What is Engine Sludge?

You Put Mud In Your Engine? — West Automotive Group In general, cars aren’t cheap. You likely paid a hefty sum to get that cute sports car for an exciting drive. Or a four-wheel drive truck for off-roading or towing a load. You wanted a perfect sedan for the commute or minivan to haul half […]

What Are Oxygen Sensors?

Oxygen Sensor FAQ’s — West Automotive Group Your car has something called an oxygen sensor. You may have also discovered that if an oxygen sensor goes bad, it can trigger a check engine warning. But perhaps you still have some additional questions about the O2 sensor. We’ll be glad to answer the most frequently asked […]

How Are Wheels Aligned?

How Are Wheel Alignments Performed? — West Automotive Group Proper wheel alignment is crucial to how well your car handles, the quality and comfort of your ride, and the usable life of your tires. Therefore, it’s important to have your alignment checked and corrected if necessary. The certified technicians at West Automotive Group in Miramar, […]

Car Suspension: Explained

Can You Please Explain What Is Meant By The Suspension System? — West Automotive Group The suspension system is underneath your vehicle, so it isn’t as easily visible as the gear shift, the headlights, or the radio. It may feel just as challenging for some drivers to understand it as it is to see it. […]

Vehicle Diagnostics: Explained

Diagnosing the Source of Your Car Trouble — West Automotive Group Nearly every driver will see a dashboard warning light illuminate at some point, and all drivers know that this is their car’s way of telling them it needs some attention. Few vehicle owners, however, are equipped to diagnose the exact nature of the root […]

How Do Engines Work?

How Does It Do That? Engine Operation Basics — West Automotive Group Your car’s engine is a sizable collection of parts that somehow work together to make the vehicle go, but how does it do that? For many drivers, it’s a mystery. While there’s no need for most auto owners to know all the minute […]

Brake Pads: Explained

Brake Pads Explained: What Are They, And Why Do They Need Replacing? — West Automotive Group Even though there’s nothing soft about the metal components of your braking system, one of the most important parts is the brake pad. Considered wearable items that are used for a time and then replaced, the pads need to […]

How to Prepare for California’s Smog Check

How can you prepare your car for the California smog check? — West Automotive Group California is recognized as a leader in the field of emissions and smog control. In fact, by the time the federal government enacted national clean air standards, our state already had even more stringent requirements in place. California was afforded […]

What Is a Catalytic Converter

Can Somebody Please Explain The Catalytic Converter? — West Automotive Group New vehicles sold in the United States must meet federal Clean Air Act standards. Put in place in the 1970s, these regulations help protect our environment by controlling the emissions released into the air by our cars. An important component of the exhaust system […]

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