Finding the Best Auto Repair Shop in San Marcos, CA - Or Anywhere!
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Finding the Best Auto Repair Shop in San Marcos – Or Anywhere!

How many of you have experienced that paralyzing fear of trying to start your car and hearing nothing? Or even worse, having your car die on you while you’re driving down the highway – in a different city! NOW what do you do?

Choose an auto repair shop before your car breaks down to save yourself the hassle! Whether you need auto repair in San Marcos, or your automobile is just overdue for service, you need to have a reliable, trustworthy auto repair shop that you can count on. We’ve already discussed things your San Marcos auto repair shop should do, but how do you go about finding a shop like this?

Whether you need auto repair services in San Marcos, CA, or anywhere else in the country, there are several ways you can go about finding a quality automotive shop:

1. Visit the AAA of California website at to find a qualified auto service and repair facility. On the AAA website you can put in your zip code and find a list of reliable auto repair shops in your area. This is available to everyone, including non-AAA members, and is especially useful if your car breaks down when you’re traveling out of town and can’t get to your regular auto mechanic. 2. Look for the AAA sign of Approved Auto Repair on a shop's website, in their advertising and at their facility. AAA Logo AAA does a great job of regulating the shops that receive their mark of approval and are allowed to display their AAA Approved Auto Repair sign. AAA holds their approved auto repair shops accountable to a higher standard of customer service and automotive repairs. They perform yearly customer follow-up calls and surveys to ensure that each auto shop’s customers are happy. A facility must score 92% or better on all 5 service categories or they are removed from the program. No one else monitors facilities so closely. 3. Ask your friends for a referral if they have a trusted shop they use for all of their auto repair in San Marcos - or anywhere else in the country. You trust your friends’ opinions, and they can tell you their first-hand experiences with different auto repair shops in San Marcos and other areas. If they have an auto service shop that they have been particularly happy with and have visited for several years, it’s a good bet that you will enjoy your experience there as well.
If you use one of the above three ways to find an auto repair shop, and you make sure that they have the proper licensing and a clean, comfortable facility, then you can feel confident that you’ve found one of the best auto repair shops in San Marcos, CA – or wherever you are looking for automotive services! It will make your life so much easier the next time your car breaks down.  

Written by West Automotive Group