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4 Tips for Buying A Used Car

Used cars can often be hidden treasures. Low prices on sparkling and seemingly rarely driven vehicles seem like a dream come true. But how do you know that the used car doesn’t have an accident-filled past or hidden mechanical issues that could cost you later? Here are a few tips to use when purchasing a used car that can ensure you’re getting a great, reliable vehicle:

4 Tips for Buying A Reliable Used Car

Buying A Used Car
1.  Have a pre-purchase inspection done. This is the biggest tip I tell people! Even if you’re buying a used car from a dealer, it’s a good idea to take it to a third party inspector. A reliable AAA-Approved auto repair shop will do a more thorough scan of the car and is more likely to uncover serious issues. 2.  Check the Carfax. You’ve heard the cheesy commercials time and time again, but truthfully, looking at the Carfax is a good idea. Not only can they tell you of previous accidents, which might bring to light potential red flags, they can also show if the used car has ever failed inspection tests. 3.  Purchase a Certified Used Car. The only way to ensure you’re buying a quality used car is to buy one that has been certified. This guarantees that the car has been thoroughly inspected, not just by the dealer’s standards, but also by the automotive industry’s standards. 4.  Ask questions! The more you know about the car, the better. Knowledge of the car’s history can save you thousands of dollars on expensive repairs if the vehicle has hidden issues. Do a little investigative digging and you won’t drive away with a vehicle you’ll regret down the road!
Follow these four tips when you're looking to buy a used car and not only will you get a safe, reliable vehicle to drive, you'll also have the peace of mind knowing that you've found a quality car.  

Written by West Automotive Group