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Gearing Up for Spring

It’s time to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring! We know you and your family and friends are planning tons of awesome adventures to go on this year. Get ahead of the game and begin preparing your car for a safe and successful season of exploring the open roads. Here are five helpful tips and hints that we have come up with to help you gear your car up for Spring.

Check out your Tires

Even if it is as simple as checking your tire pressure, giving your tires some extra special love and attention will give them a longer life. Keep in mind that every six months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first, is a good time to rotate and balance your tires.

Tip: Consider keeping a tire gauge in the front glove compartment of your car for any tire emergencies.

Replace your Wiper Blades

With new weather patterns and the seasons changing, investing in new windshield wiper blades will help you stay safe and maintain visibility on the roads. Definitely consider the different types of blades that are available and which would be best for your car.

Tip: Don’t forget to replace the rear wiper blade if your car has one. These are just as important to maintain as the front wipers.

Check under the Hood

From topping off your fluids to changing your oil to inspecting hoses and belts, take your car in to your local auto repair shop for a quick tune up. Getting all of these important elements of your car check out will increase and improve overall car performance.

Tip: Keep a maintenance log in your front glove compartment with dates and descriptions for when your car is worked on. You’ll never forget the last time you had an oil change ever again!

Clean the Interior

With all of the mud and dirt that has collected throughout the winter, now is the best time to give your car the complete treatment. Wash your floor mats, vacuum the carpets, and give your windows a clean dirt-free shine.

Tip: Have an unwanted smell in your car? Place an open bag or container of baking soda in your car to help neutralize the odor.

Clean the Exterior

Last but not least, break out the sponge and soap and give your car a fresh wash. Getting all of the dirt and grime off your car will reduce the chances of rust and paint chipping in the future.

Tip: On top of a general wash, consider waxing your vehicle to take an extra measure in helping preserve your car's exterior condition.

Before hitting the road on your spring and summer road trip plans, make sure to stop by and schedule a service with your local auto repair shop for all your car maintenance needs.

Written by West Automotive Group