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Oil Change FAQ

Expert Answers

West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California understands that our customers have questions about their car’s services. They want to know that their money is working towards their vehicle’s health and they need to understand our work better to know that. Our team answers your common oil change questions to help you understand why this service is so important!

Why Do I Need Oil Changes?

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, then the motor oil is the lifeblood. Without it, your car will overheat and sustain serious damage. Oil that isn’t changed degrades and can’t function properly. You need oil changes to lubricate parts and prevent excessive friction, wear, and overheating.

Why Does Oil Get Changed So Often?

Of all the maintenance items your vehicle needs, oil changes are likely the most frequent. It can lead some drivers to wonder why they need to keep getting the oil changed time and time again. The reason for this is that motor oil can’t perform well forever. It attracts and holds dirt and contaminants that enter the engine, and at some point, it won’t be able to hold more from building up on engine parts. That’s when it needs to be changed. Oil and its useful lubricating, temperature-controlling properties also wear out over time. If you don’t replace it, it can’t protect your engine.

How Long Can I Wait to Change My Oil?

It’s hard to know when oil is at the end of its life and can’t continue protecting the engine with the coverage you need. That’s why it’s best to follow a routine schedule that preemptively changes oil before any damage can occur. Average drivers can go a few thousand miles or a few months between oil changes. The interval depends on the kind of motor oil you use and your individual driving habits. We recommend checking your owner’s manual for an accurate estimate on how long to go between oil changes.

Bring Us Your Questions!

If you have more questions about oil changes or your vehicle’s maintenance needs, contact the experts at West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California. We are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns!

Written by West Automotive Group