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Signs You Need Transmission Repair

When to Call the Experts

How does an expensive, time-consuming transmission repair sound? If you’re like most drivers, this is probably one of your worst nightmares. West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California understands the dread drivers feel for transmission repair, but that doesn’t mean you should put off your vehicle’s needs. If your car exhibits one of these signs, head to our shop before the issue gets any worse! The best way to avoid costly transmission repairs is to handle the problem early. Watch out for these warning signals from your car and head to our shop as soon as possible for transmission repair!

1. Difficulty Shifting

The transmission is responsible for shifting gears smoothly. If you start having problems shifting -- between gears in a manual car or between park, drive, and reverse in an automatic -- that’s a sure sign of trouble. Your car might be slow to transition when you put it into gear or fall out of gear for no apparent reason. You might hear the engine revving or feel the car jerk when it shifts. These are all reasons to visit the professionals for service.

2. Strange Sounds

Grinding Between Gears

Grinding sounds are never a good sign. It likely means that physical parts are rubbing each other and wearing down. In the case of the manual transmission, grinding might occur in between gears. That likely means the clutch is worn so visit a specialist soon. Automatic transmissions have their own way of showing wear -- by shaking or shimmying between gears. Ideally, your car should accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Anything jerky or shakey means it’s time for repair.


Get familiar with how your car is supposed to sound. That way, you’ll notice when anything sounds off. Whining, buzzing, clunking, or even just excessive noise while in neutral can indicate a transmission problem. If you think you hear something wrong, it’s best to ask an expert. Don’t ignore it and hope it will return to normal!

3. Odor

Transmission fluid shouldn’t get burnt up. When it does, you’ll smell it. This is a good sign that the gears are overheating due to excessive friction or that the transmission fluid is going bad. Schedule fluid service soon with a specialist!

4. Leaks

Transmission fluid doesn’t get used up. That means that low levels can only come from a leak! If you spot a puddle of red-colored transmission fluid under your car, call an expert immediately. Your transmission and other systems are at risk of serious damage.

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Written by West Automotive Group