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Why You Need Oil Changes

Explaining Fluid Service

Do you know why you visit the auto shop regularly for oil changes? West Automotive Group in Miramar, California can explain every reason why routine fluid service is so important.

Clean Oil, Clean Engine

Why can’t you put in motor oil and leave it for a long time? Oil accumulates dirt, grime, and contaminants so it can’t stay clean enough to protect the engine for a long period of time. You want to change it before it reaches its limit, because that’s when the contaminants will start to build up on engine parts themselves. New oil is designed to hold dirt in suspension and protect the engine. When you change oil, all the dirt and grime is removed as the old oil is drained.


Motor oil is used to lubricate engine components. Their constant movement can create a lot of friction, which generates damaging heat. In some cases, excessive friction may cause parts to wear out quickly. It might also lead to overheating, which can cause the engine to fail completely. Healthy oil lubricates the engine to prevent these damages, but once it is worn itself, it has to be changed to continue protecting the engine.

Avoiding Engine Repairs

The engine works hard every time you start your vehicle. While it’s operating, parts are working hard to keep systems running. As long as they are moving, they are slowly wearing out. Most vehicle components weren’t designed to last forever, but taking care of them can help them last as long as possible. If you want to avoid engine repairs, you’ll want to support healthy engine function with oil changes. Clean oil flows easily to lessen strain on the engine and lubricates parts to prevent their early wear and failure.

Protecting Vehicle Value

There are other ways to think about the benefits of oil changes other than just how it initially helps your vehicle. Keeping up with routine fluid service over time can make a huge difference in your vehicle’s health and value! It’s not a secret that well-maintained vehicles hold their value longer and can be resold at a greater value later on. If you want to protect how much your car is worth, keep it in top condition with preventative maintenance and fluid service!

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Written by West Automotive Group