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Being Choosy About New Car Transmissions

Which Option Will Give You Less Headaches

When you're in the market for a new car in El Cajon, there are a lot of options to keep an eye on. Many people fail to consider the transmission and how often those components need repair. At West Automotive Group, we know how important buying a new vehicle is. If you're asking do new cars need fewer repairs, here is a quick rundown of transmission types.

The Big Three

There are three types of transmissions, each with their own shortcomings and advantages. While some require more attention, others may be more of a hassle if you don't understand how they function.


With this variety, the driver depresses a clutch pedal that allows him or her to shift up and down between the gears in the gearbox. Since the driver decides when shifting takes place, this style offers a lot more control. It's also a more simple design with fewer moving parts, meaning repairs are often cheaper. Because these are more difficult to learn than automatic options, many carmakers are moving away from manual transmissions, but they are still available if you look for them.


For this style, an internal computer determines when shifting should take place. Many drivers find this more advantageous because it lets them focus on the road and less on vehicle operation. However, these are much more complex, so repairs are generally more expensive. Also, many manufacturers incorporate semi-manual shifting that shifts between gears without needing a clutch, a perfect bridge for those who like convenience as well as control.

Continuous Variable

The CVT is a whole new beast that doesn't use gears at all. Instead, a computer adjusts the rotation of pulleys and the length of a belt to provide the most optimal speed and torque for any given situation. These don't offer any repair cost advantages to their conventional automatic counterparts, so test drive one to see if it's for you.

So, do new cars need fewer repairs? The short answer is yes. Since the transmission hasn't gone through the wear that a used model has, it may need to be broken in but it will require servicing less frequently at first. While manual transmissions are less expensive to repair, your best bet is to test-drive each and determine which gives you the best driving experience!

Written by West Automotive Group