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Hybrid Battery Failure

Where The Technology Of The Future Falls Behind

Hybrid vehicles use a powerful NiMH battery to increase your fuel economy and reduce emissions. Over time, you may need battery reconditioning and other hybrid repair services to maintain your vehicle. Find out how you can enjoy reliable repair services from a trusted auto shop in Miramar, CA.

The Three Phases of a Hybrid Battery Lifespan

All hybrid batteries go through three primary phases. These phases describe the condition of the battery and help you determine when you need to have your battery reconditioned or replaced:

  • Phase one: For three to six years your hybrid battery will perform at peak efficiency. You'll enjoy a long-lasting charge and full power from all the individual battery cells.
  • Phase two: Over time, your battery will begin to weaken. When your hybrid battery is between five and 11 years old, you'll experience slight degradation. The capacity may be reduced, cells may drift out of balance, and other issues may occur.
  • Phase three: After five to 11 years, your hybrid battery may fail. This will alert your vehicle, possibly with a check engine light, and could cause your hybrid vehicle to stop completely.

The length of these phases depends on your driving habits, vehicle make and model, and the type of hybrid battery it uses. Use the following signs of failure to determine the current phase of your hybrid battery.

Signs of Battery Failure

Don't wait until phase three to receive hybrid repair services. Prevent your vehicle from dying suddenly by looking for these signs of battery failure. First, keep track of your fuel economy. A diminished battery will become more inefficient, so your fuel economy may be reduced slowly. After this, your battery may suddenly drain without warning. If your battery quickly moves from 100% charge to zero charge, it's a major sign that you need battery repair services.

Receive Battery Reconditioning and Repair Services in Miramar, CA

Don't wait to receive an accurate inspection and battery reconditioning service by West Automotive Group. Schedule a service today to find out how your hybrid battery is operating and enjoy leading repair services. We offer a 24,000-mile warranty on our repairs and are confident we can provide the necessary battery cell repairs you need to keep your hybrid driving efficiently and safely.

Written by West Automotive Group