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How Tune-Ups Extend Vehicle Life

Can Getting Routine Tune-ups Extend The Life Of Your Car? -- West Automotive Group

You've likely heard the advice that you should have your vehicle tuned-up on a regular basis. Perhaps you're wondering if it's really that important. In a word, yes! Getting routine tune-ups improves performance, helps prevent serious problems and break-downs, and can actually extend the life of your auto. For older models (non-electronic ignitions), a tune-up is needed every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. Newer cars can typically go 30,000 to 100,000 miles between tune-ups. Consult your owner's manual or ask one of the certified technicians at West Automotive Group in Escondido, California. We can help you determine a schedule of services appropriate for your auto and driving patterns. We're glad to help you with more frequent services such as your regular oil and filter changes or major repairs when you need them, but don't forget about that all-important tune-up.

The Advantages of Keeping Your Car Tuned Up

If you're wondering if a tune-up makes a big difference, you'll probably want to consider what a tune-up entails. Beyond the simple oil change, a tune-up involves changing several parts that wear out or become less effective over time. For example, your auto has multiple filters, not just the one that's swapped out with an oil change. Old filters (air, fuel, transmission) may become clogged, leading to bigger problems unless they're changed.

Spark plugs should also be changed (or cleaned if they're the extended-life platinum type). Oxygen sensors, the PCV valve, spark plug wires, and distributor components also likely need attention. Why? When you take care of your car, it will perform better. Replacing the air filter, for instance, ensures an adequate supply of fresh air for your engine. Without replacement, you could be choking your engine, starving it for fresh air. This reduces performance and puts undue strain on the vehicle.

Taking care of minor issues on time can help prevent more extensive and expensive repairs later on. Because your car will perform better and as intended, you may even be safer and at less risk for an accident caused by mechanical malfunctions. (Who wants their car to stall in the middle of a busy intersection because it's starving for fuel that can't flow through a clogged filter?) Finally, yes, your automobile will actually last longer if you have it tuned up when you should. Keeping filters changed eliminates much of the damage caused by contaminates circulating through the various systems and ensures sufficient flow of fuel, air, etc. Additionally, your vehicle performs better if it is tuned up regularly, preventing undue strain on all other components and the car as a whole. Make West Automotive Group your go-to for a tune-up.

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