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The Machine That Is Your Fleet

Optimizing Fleets

You've likely heard someone use the expression of something "running like a well oiled machine." When you rely on fleet transportation for daily business operations, the fleet as a whole actually functions as a single machine. Think of a conveyor belt in a large factory; if it works well and reliably, taking goods across the shortest route possible through the facility, productivity is increased. Much time, energy, and engineering goes into optimizing the methods of conveyance inside a factory. Similarly, your fleet serves this same function outside your building walls. If you optimize the flow of goods using your vehicles, your productivity and profits will increase. For help with all the services and repairs you need to keep your fleet running well, count on West Automotive Group in Escondido, California.

Optimizing Delivery Times and Routes

Like the equipment that keeps production going in a manufacturing plant, your commercial fleet (including all vehicles, drivers, route managers, and schedules) must work in unison with proper timing to ensure efficient operation, timely deliveries, and quality customer service. One major area that needs your attention is logistics. Where are the goods, and where do you need to take them? Reflecting on these questions will allow you to design routes that effectively and efficiently balance time, fuel consumption, mileage, and total expenses.

Additionally, you'll want to consider any factors specific to your business, customers, or payloads. These include single vs. multi-point drop-offs, hazardous materials that require special handling, oversized loads that may require alternative routing, and breakable/perishable items. Clearly, these are factors that may impact your route planning schematics. You'll likely benefit from a system for monitoring and tracking your vehicles, too. Using such a system will help you ensure that your autos operate safely and that you're cognizant of any delays or unplanned vehicle/driver locations. Staying on top of this information also aids you in keeping your customers informed about their anticipated deliveries.

Smart Fleet Maintenance

Smart fleet management is actually about minimizing some elements while maximizing others. Obviously, you want to maximize your finances and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, you have an interest in minimizing costs and problems. That's where West Automotive Group factors into the equation. Our ASE and ATRA certified technicians can assist you with a full plan of fleet management services.

When your vehicles are well maintained and in good repair, you're less likely to experience breakdowns and service lapses that cost you time and money. Also, your customers are less likely to experience delays. What's more, records that reflect a solid plan of maintenance can help protect you from legal entanglements, particularly if there is an accident. Therefore, a small investment in maintenance actually yields quite a hefty return.

Written by West Automotive Group