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Every Car Needs A Tune-Up!

When someone says ‘car maintenance,’ what pops into your head? Oil changes? Putting air in your tires? Maybe topping off windshield wiper fluids? You’d be correct in all of those assumptions, but there’s more to it than that. Regular vehicle tune-ups are more than just oil changes and cleaning dirty air filters. Whether you’re restoring a classic car with a friend or trying to keep your brand new vehicle safe on the road, regular tune-ups can help extend the life of your vehicle, help with things such as gas mileage, and keep you from dishing out loads of money on costly repairs.

Below are the three major reasons why regular tune-ups are necessary for the health of your car.

No Breaking Down On The Side Of The Road

We’ve all been there. You feel the dreaded pull of your car as the air from one of your tires slowly leaks. You see the temperature gauge on your dashboard creeping up past the midline mark. Or, even worse, your car simply won’t turn over when you try to crank it. All of these issues can be avoided with regular maintenance check-ups. At West Automotive Group, a tune-up service will check all of your car’s belts, fluids, tires, air filters, battery levels, and a plethora of other things to keep you safe and out of Breakdown City while out on the open road.

Extension Of Overall Life

Tune-ups don’t just keep you out of trouble. It also aids in extending the life of your vehicle. Your car is your connection to the outside world, after all. Beach trips, traveling to school, getting to and from work all happen because of transportation capabilities. That isn’t all, though. Keeping up with car check-ups means that your fuel economy is the best it can be, which will save you money at the pump while you’re out making memories!

Avoiding Expensive Repairs

Probably the most important to many on this list, tune-ups help your wallet steer clear of costly replacements and repairs. During tune-ups, your ASE-certified technician may find natural wear and tear on your vehicle in the form of smaller parts that need to be replaced, such as spark plugs or wheel bearings. Replacing these smaller objects when they first start feeling the burn will keep you from detrimental costs later on down the road, such as an ignition system failure because of worn-down spark plugs.

Convinced You Need A Tune-Up? Come See Us Today!

Recommendations that save you time, money, and sanity along the way are brought to light during vehicle check-ups. Most professionals recommend a tune-up every 10,000 to 20,000 miles, with oil changes every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. However, if your vehicle is already experiencing something that isn’t normal, such as stalling or a noticeable drop in gas mileage, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Call West Automotive Group in West Escondido, CA, at [as_phone] for honest feedback, recommendations, and repairs!

Written by West Automotive Group