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Transmission Rebuilds 101

Transmission Rebuilds 101

Does your vehicle have a failing automatic transmission? Your vehicle will need transmission repair, and if it needs a transmission rebuild, it will need to be removed by a professional at an automotive shop. Transmission wear causes damage to its components, and it needs tight tolerances to function properly. Our highly skilled techs at West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California, provide excellent transmission repair. Below, learn the process of rebuilding a transmission.

Removing the transmission

Removing your car’s automatic transmission needs to be done carefully by an ASE-certified technician at an auto repair shop. An experienced technician carefully pays attention to other non-transmission parts during a transmission rebuild.

Inspection during transmission repair

Next, an auto mechanic will need to inspect the automatic transmission for proper transmission repair. This includes inspecting the transmission mounts, the flexplate, the CV axles, electrical system, control cables, drive shaft, and engine rear main oil seal.

Cleaning the transmission cooler

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission cooler will need to be cleaned before installing the rebuilt automatic transmission. Your car’s cooler may have debris from its old transmission, which can negatively impact the rebuilt transmission.

Installing the transmission

After the transmission inspection and your approval of necessary replacements needed, the automatic transmission will be repaired based on the diagnostics of your vehicle’s transmission wear and damage. Your transmission repair involves automatic transmission that is categorized by soft parts and hard parts. Soft parts are found in rebuild kits (a complete Master Rebuild Kit), including new clutches, seals, bands, gaskets, bearings, bushings, sealing rings, and a new transmission filter. Hard parts aren’t included in a rebuild kit and can include anything from a solenoid to a complete transmission case. Additionally, automatic transmission installation requires adding new vehicle-specific transmission fluid.

Test driving and QA Check

Your vehicle will need a final test drive after your newly rebuilt automatic transmission is installed. The last step is quality assurance after the test drive. During the QA check, your transmission will be checked for correct fluid level, loose or missing bolts, and leaks.

Ensure quality transmission repair by an auto mechanic

If you need transmission repair by getting your vehicle’s automatic transmission rebuilt, visit a local auto repair shop. Only an experienced technician can provide complete transmission repair. Visit West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California to get excellent transmission by our automatic transmission experts. Our auto repair shop is San Diego County’s premier one-stop shop for transmission repair services and all auto repair needs.

Written by West Automotive Group