Green Driving Tips to Celebrate Earth Day 2015
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Green Driving Tips to Celebrate Earth Day 2015

Earth Day is almost here once again, April 22, and many people are thinking about how they can participate this year. Many people understand the importance of recycling, but not as many know how much of an impact our cars have on the environment! On this Earth Day, everyone should make it a point to drive their cars with a mind towards helping to preserve the environment for future generations. The following are a few simple ideas on how to do this!

4 Green Driving Tips for Earth Day

1. Don't Start and Stop So Quickly

That sounds simple, but many of us drive recklessly or develop habits that are counter to anything that helps the environment. For instance, no need to burn rubber at a stop light, you’re not in a drag race. That needlessly burns excess fuel! Speeding to a stop light doesn’t help much either, it only causes you to brake hard. This is an inefficient use of the fuel.

2. Slow Down

Speeding is something many drivers find themselves guilty of at one point or another. Driving the speed limit of 55 mph can yield up to 20% better fuel efficiency than driving 65 mph. Not to mention the air pollution that you’ll be cutting back on. So simply plan ahead so you don’t have to speed this Earth Day. Nobody’s saying drive like you’re in a parade, but just obey the law. The Earth will thank you.

3. Get Good Directions

Technology has improved our ability to get to new destinations every day. There should be no excuse why we get lost anymore, but of course we do. That’s life, it happens. GPS is not perfect and neither are we. But chances are that using your GPS will prevent you from driving around in circles wasting gas. This Earth Day, make sure you use your GPS to arrive at any new destinations, or plan your route ahead of time so you know where you're going. It's not a bad idea to keep a trusty old paper map in your glove box just in case!

4. Lose Some Weight

Not you - your vehicle! If your car has become a mobile storage unit, you’re asking your engine to work harder than it should to haul that extra weight around. In turn, this burns more fuel than necessary. So lighten up your load by cleaning out your trunk. It will be like a Spring Cleaning meets Earth Day event! You’ll improve your fuel efficiency and help conserve the earth’s fuel.


Written by West Automotive Group