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What Does My Car’s Alternator Do?

Auto Alternators 101 What Is an Alternator? When it comes to your vehicle’s electrical components, including the lights, radio, and heated seats, you may assume that the battery is the main player. However, the battery gets by with a little help from its friends, including the alternator. But what exactly is an alternator, what does […]

The Art of Driving

Understanding Manual Transmissions and Clutch Repair Driving a manual transmission car is a different experience altogether. It requires more focus and skill than an automatic transmission, and can be more rewarding when done right. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to clutch repair. This blog post will […]

My Mechanic Won’t Give Me An Estimate On The Phone

Why your mechanic probably won’t give you an auto repair estimate over the phone. You’ve probably called an auto repair shop at one time or another since you started driving and asked the mechanic you spoke with for an estimate on the cost to repair the problem you were experiencing with your vehicle. Chances are, […]

Hit the Gas and Drive Toward Your Career in Auto Repair

Fueling the Career That’s Right for You A couple of principles apply to your career opportunities. First, we’re fortunate to live in a country where we’re free to choose our own career paths. Second, a good bit of life is what you make it. Will you spend your working years in a dull job that […]

New Drivers, Same Old Habits

Good Driving Habits for New Drivers New drivers have the unique opportunity of a fresh start, so developing good motoring habits early is important. This becomes particularly important when one considers that 75% of all major crashes involving teens (who comprise the majority of the novice driver group) are the result of three common factors. […]

What Is A Car Radiator?

Radiating Information About Your Car’s Radiator — West Automotive Group Many drivers dream of someday owning a “hot” car, one that is powerful and sporty. But in reality, every vehicle is a hot car–just not necessarily of the desirable sort. To help control the heat, your auto has a cooling system whose star is the […]

How Do Engines Work?

How Does It Do That? Engine Operation Basics — West Automotive Group Your car’s engine is a sizable collection of parts that somehow work together to make the vehicle go, but how does it do that? For many drivers, it’s a mystery. While there’s no need for most auto owners to know all the minute […]

What Are Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs 101: A Quick Course — West Automotive Group The spark plug is a very small part, but it serves quite a large function in your automobile. Without spark plugs, your vehicle doesn’t operate. If your spark plugs need replacing, they can cause other problems for you. Before you get down to the wire […]

Does a New Car Cost More to Repair?

The Cost Of Ownership Difference Considering buying a new vehicle in Escondido, CA? While a new car may have a higher upfront cost, find out how you can save money and invest wisely by choosing a new car. Discover the auto repair savings you’ll enjoy from a newer model vehicle. Warranty Coverage Compared to a […]

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