Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Ready for Summer?
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Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Ready for Summer?

You’ve got your grill fired up, your pool gear ready and your beach trips planned, but is your car as ready for the warm summer weather as you are? You vehicle’s air conditioning doesn’t get much use over the winter months, so many people will find upon firing it up that it isn’t working the way that it would like.

Before your next summer road trip, or if you notice that your car’s AC system isn’t functioning properly, the best thing to do is get it checked out by your trusted, professional mechanic or auto repair shop.

Checking the AC System: What Your Mechanic Should Do

  • Visually check the belt for the cooling system to make sure it’s working.
  • Check vent temperature to make sure the freon isn’t low.
  • Check the cabin air filter to ensure it isn’t too clogged or dirty.
  • Visually check to make sure there isn’t any dye leaking on the system that could indicate an issue.

How often should I get my car’s AC system checked?

You should have your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked on a yearly basis to ensure that it is working properly. You should check your car’s cabin air filter more frequently, between 3 to 6 months depending on the environment that you’re driving in. If you’re driving in areas with a lot of pollen and pollutants, you will need to check the air filter more often to ensure that your filter is working properly and keeping this debris from getting into the car and car’s systems.

Keeping up with your automobile’s maintenance services really helps reduce the amount of expensive auto repairs you may need should problems not be spotted before they turn into major complications.


Written by West Automotive Group