5 Tips For Preserving Your Car Battery
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5 Tips For Preserving Your Car Battery

Many drivers don't realize that their battery is in poor condition until they try to go to work in the morning. Your vehicle's battery condition should be properly maintained and monitored at all times. There are ways for drivers to help preserve their car battery so they can avoid an untimely dead battery. Drivers can use tips to extend their battery's life. The following are 5 tips for preserving your car battery:

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Drive It Often!

When your vehicle is sitting in the garage or driveway for too long, it is having an adverse effect on its battery. Avoid leaving your car immobile and make sure your crank it up for at least 30 minutes a day.

Receive Regular Service

Your vehicle's engine needs to receive regular maintenance service. The car battery is one of the several engine components that can fail without proper attention. To make sure you're never caught with a faulty or dead battery, keep yours on the list of maintenance items to check.

Check For Loose Connections

After years on the road, many vehicle components will become ragged or loose. These changes after normal wear and tear can go unnoticed until it's too late. Your car battery's connections can be one of those components. Unclean batteries, acid build-up, loose connections, and vibration can compromise battery power.

Do Not Drain Battery

It's usually never done on purpose, but making a habit of accidentally draining your battery will require a recharge. When you are forced to repeatedly jump start your car battery, you are shortening its life.

Don't Jump a Completely Dead Battery

When vehicle batteries appear dead, it's an automatic response to get a jump. This is a good solution if the battery is not completely dead. Sometimes your vehicle simply needs to be replaced, and trying to jump start a battery that is flat can cause other problems.

Written by West Automotive Group