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The Most Common Car Buying Mistakes

Are you about to buy a new car? Before you trade in your keys for new ones, check out some of the common mistakes people make when buying new cars that we shared on Auto Talk Radio! Buying A Used Car

Falling In Love with a Model or Brand

While buying a new or used car can be exciting, you should not allow emotions to rule your buying decision. One of the biggest mistakes in buying a new or used car is to fall in love with a particular model. This can blind you to other vehicles which may fit your daily needs better. It can also cause you to overlook functional issues that may impact your driving, such as blind spots or not having enough storage space. One way to overcome this is to rent the vehicle. After several days of going through your driving routine, you will be able to identify if there are any prominent issues that would impact your driving and everyday life.

Skipping the Test Drive

Test-driving the car you are actually going to buy allows you to see if the car is a suitable fit for your driving needs. If a car looks good on paper and seems to fit all your needs, be sure to rent the car for several days to see if it actually fits. After you’ve determined that you like the car and it’s a great fit for your life, then be sure to test-drive the car you are actually buying. You don’t want to buy a vehicle that will start to shake or make noises after 15 minutes! It’s important to test drive the vehicle for 30 minutes and take the car on the highway. If the car sounds different than the car you rented, look at a different car of the same model on the lot. This will help prevent that dreaded buyer’s remorse!

Not Researching the Value of Your Current Car

If you are thinking about trading in your car, you need to do some research on your personal car first. Know the value of your car! You can find this on Kelly Blue Book or even look at what other used cars like yours are trading in for. This gives you an advantage when your negotiating price. You know what your car is worth so you will be less likely to be taken advantage of.

Not Having a Used Car Checked Out

If you are looking at a used car, always get it inspected or checked out by a professional. An inspection can reveal vital knowledge about future repair costs or the lack there of. Even if you are a great at home mechanic, a professional will be able to spot telltale signs of previous damage or know industry knowledge about common issues with that specific model. You should also request a Carfax. A Carfax reveals recent accidents and repair work that has been done to the vehicle. This will let you know of the extent of the damage and whether it was repaired correctly. If you want more tips and tricks about buying a new car or even leasing a car, check out our Auto Talk Radio! Looking into a new car? Bring it by one of our West Automotive Group locations today to have it inspected first!

Written by West Automotive Group