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3 Most Common Hybrid Issues and Repairs

Even if you are not a serious environmentalist, you may consider a hybrid vehicle for its significant gas savings and other conveniences. But many skeptical drivers in Kearny Mesa want to know if those savings are really worth it considering common hybrid issues and repairs. We have great news for you! Today’s hybrids are more advanced than ever, and their most common costs and repairs don’t vary greatly from those of a standard gasoline-powered car. Still, before you buy, you may want to learn more about common hybrid issues.

  1. Battery Before battery technology really improved, replacing them was the biggest and costliest concern for hybrid drivers. Their batteries were once much weaker and more expensive to replace than for a regular vehicle. However, in the long run, this cost is not so substantial considering battery technology has continued to improve and hybrid drivers make great savings in other areas of owning a hybrid, especially on gas.

  2. Oxygen Sensors Regular and hybrid vehicles both use oxygen sensors to control how much unburned oxygen is emitted in exhaust. High levels indicate a major problem with efficiency, which can really hurt your wallet after each more frequent fill-up at the gas station. While oxygen sensor replacement can be costly for both standard and hybrid vehicles, it is essential to help drivers maintain optimal gas mileage.

  3. Evaporative Emissions System Another common hybrid car issue is with the evaporative emissions system, which controls the car’s emissions. Simple leaks, failures, and broken parts in this system are one of the more prevalent problems of hybrid vehicles.

While hybrids, like all other vehicles, do have some commonly encountered problems, there are also quite a few benefits to driving a hybrid in Kearny Mesa, CA. For starters, hybrid drivers don’t have to worry about emissions testing in the state of California. Most importantly, hybrids help drivers save a lot on gas, especially those who spend a lot of their time behind the wheel in stop-and-go traffic and city driving. Today, choosing a hybrid can be a great economic decision in addition to an environmental one!

Written by West Automotive Group