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What to Expect from Your Smog Inspection in Escondido, CA

Is it time for your car’s state smog inspection? You’ve come to the right place! West Automotive Group is Escondido’s certified smog testing station. Our team of expert mechanics is ready for your car’s inspection. Here’s what you need to know to get ready, too.

  • Smog Inspections are mandatory in the state of California. Drivers must pass a smog check before receiving or renewing their vehicle registration every 2 years. That means you’ll need to stay on top of scheduling your inspection at West Automotive Group. We might be expert mechanics, but we aren’t psychics, so we can’t predict whether your car will pass or fail inspection until it’s in the shop and we take it through our checklist.

  • Smog checks usually take 20 to 30 minutes. It’s a small sacrifice to make from your day for a lifetime of clean air in your community!

  • If you fail, you will have to make repairs. Luckily for you, West Automotive Group in Escondido, CA is the area’s trusted shop for emission repairs. If your car fails its smog check for any reason, we can help it improve its emissions and efficiency for the next attempt. You shouldn’t have to waste time driving all over town for repairs and tests, that’s why West Automotive Group is your best one-stop shop for all things emission.

  • You don’t need to worry just because you have an older car. Smog checks aren’t intended to exclude high-polluting vehicles from the road, but to identify them and help them achieve required standards. State regulations are not uniform for all vehicles. Instead, they are adjusted based on vehicle age, make and model. Older vehicles are not held to the same standard as newer ones.

  • You can help your car pass inspection! Regular vehicle maintenance that follows manufacturer recommendations for your specific vehicle is key to improving your car’s chances of passing a smog check, regardless of its age. If your car needs repair, don’t ignore it! Check engine lights should always be handled promptly to avoid further damages to your car’s critical components. Do not change or mess with the emissions control equipment to avoid damages that can compromise your odds of passing.

Written by West Automotive Group