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Components of Your Exhaust System

What are the components of your exhaust system? The exhaust system in your vehicle is composed of several components. Those components work together to move gasses from the combustion chamber to the rear of your vehicle, releasing them into the atmosphere. What are the Major Components of an Exhaust System? Your exhaust system begins with […]

5 Tips on How to Pass a Smog Check

5 Tips on How to Pass a Smog Check Your vehicle passing a smog check is essential because if you fail, you won’t be able to legally drive your car. Smog tests exist to ensure that cars aren’t producing too many emissions, keeping the air clean as possible. Follow these five tips on how to […]

So, Your Car Failed A Smog Check?

Diagnose the Issues In California, failing a smog check means your vehicle is releasing too many destructive chemical compounds into the air. Bummer, right? A licensed professional can help you diagnose and rectify the issue, but sometimes knowing what you’re up against can help with the anxiety of the situation. Smog checks are no joke; […]

Understanding How the Exhaust System Works

Are You Exhausted with Not Understanding Smog Devices? If you don’t understand how certain components and systems of your vehicle work or what’s wrong with them, you can feel drained and overwhelmed. As applied to emissions and smog checks, your exhaust system might leave you feeling exhausted. If you’re feeling a little burned out, let […]

Smog Check: What Certain Colored Exhaust Means

Deciphering the Color Code of Your Exhaust CONTENT: Often, color coding is a way to make recognition or tasks easier for people. The same might be said for colored vehicle exhaust, but visible, tinted emissions from the tailpipe usually indicates a problem. If your vehicle is painting the town with a trail of colored exhaust […]

How to Prepare for California’s Smog Check

How can you prepare your car for the California smog check? — West Automotive Group California is recognized as a leader in the field of emissions and smog control. In fact, by the time the federal government enacted national clean air standards, our state already had even more stringent requirements in place. California was afforded […]

Why Do We Have Smog Checks in California?

They’re For More Than Smog If you are like most California car owners, you may be tired of taking your car in for regular smog checks to register your vehicle to drive it. While they may be tiring and inconvenient for motorists, there are a number of important reasons that Escondido residents must complete them. […]

How to Pass Smog Checks

4 Steps to Pass Your Next Test Drivers in El Cajon, California want to know what they can do before a smog check to improve their vehicle’s chances of passing. As an approved emissions testing center, West Automotive Group has the answers! Here are a few things you can do to ensure your car will […]

What to Expect from Your Smog Inspection in Escondido, CA

Is it time for your car’s state smog inspection? You’ve come to the right place! West Automotive Group is Escondido’s certified smog testing station. Our team of expert mechanics is ready for your car’s inspection. Here’s what you need to know to get ready, too. Smog Inspections are mandatory in the state of California. Drivers must […]

What You Need to Know About Smog Checks & Inspections in El Cajon, CA

If you are a new resident of California or a new vehicle owner, you might not be aware of the strict statewide emissions standards and testing requirements for personal vehicles. They may sound intimidating, but smog checks are necessary to protect and promote California’s beautiful environment for all its residents. Why are they required? Smog […]