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What Throws Off Wheel Alignment

How To Protect Alignment

Wheel alignment is part of the routine maintenance your car needs to stay healthy and perform its best. It can be damaging and dangerous to drive a car with bad alignment! So what can you do to avoid bad wheel alignment? West Automotive Group in Escondido, California has a few ideas.

Get Better at Parallel Parking

Let’s be honest, parallel parking isn’t for everyone. If you are someone who can’t avoid hitting curbs or concrete dividers while backing out of driveways or parking spots, try to practice or avoid those situations. Even minor bumps can be enough to throw a wheel out of alignment, and certainly any jolts from running into a curb or divider can cause damage to your car.

Don’t Speed Over Speed Bumps

Speed bumps exist to remind drivers to slow down and keep an eye out. If you don’t slow down enough -- whether purposefully or accidentally -- and take on speed bumps with pace, you could cause damage to your vehicle. The impact at speed jarrs the suspension system and can knock the car off its proper alignment. The heavier your car and the faster you are traveling, the worse the damage will be.

Avoid Potholes

Hitting potholes head on is one of the worst things for your car’s alignment. The force impacting the wheel and suspension is enough to shock and damage the system and break hubcaps, shocks, or other components. Even the effect of hitting many small potholes over time can be bad for your alignment. If you can’t avoid hitting a pothole in the road, you should at least slow down to lessen the impact on your vehicle.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Wheel alignments are a standard part of your car’s regular maintenance. If you want to avoid driving with poor alignment, the best thing you can do is get regular service! Some things are worth investing in for your vehicle, and this service is one of them. You can avoid much more costly problems by handling alignment issues promptly and getting service preemptively.

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Written by West Automotive Group