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Wheel Alignment

Pothole Potluck

What Can Happen When You Hit a Pothole Avoiding suspension damage on your daily drive is in some ways comparable to attending a community potluck dinner. First, you never know what you’re going to get. Just as you never know if the contributed dishes will be delicious or barely palatable, you can never be sure […]

“Help Me Keep This Straight”

How Wheel Alignment Helps Your Car CONTENT: We’ve all heard the expression “keeping something straight.” Generally, it means to keep something in order or working properly. For your vehicle, proper wheel alignment certainly keeps things straight. First, it literally impacts how the car steers. Second, it affects the performance and durability of other parts over […]

The Fifth Wheel: Wheel Alignment and Vehicle Steering Ability

Car Steering and Wheel Alignment In order for your auto to operate, all five wheels need to work together properly. That is, the four wheels that make contact with the road must not only work well with each other, but also with the steering wheel. Since 1993, West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California, has […]

How Are Wheels Aligned?

How Are Wheel Alignments Performed? — West Automotive Group Proper wheel alignment is crucial to how well your car handles, the quality and comfort of your ride, and the usable life of your tires. Therefore, it’s important to have your alignment checked and corrected if necessary. The certified technicians at West Automotive Group in Miramar, […]

Wheel Alignment Angles: Explained

Who’s Your Angle Architect? — West Automotive Group Just as construction workers know the importance of angles in building, so do automotive technicians understand the relationships of wheels and vehicle components to one another. Builders generally express their concerns about ensuring that a structure is square, while mechanics work with angles by addressing a vehicle’s […]

What Affects Car Alignment?

What Happened To My Wheel Alignment? — West Automotive Group Wheel alignment is important. While it might be ignored for a time, failure to bring your vehicle back into alignment if there’s a problem will catch up with you soon. You’ll likely find that your tires must be replaced sooner because the tread is worn […]

Do My Wheels Need Alignment?

How to Tell When It’s Time For Service Have you experienced any steering issues lately? Improper wheel alignment can cause significant issues in your safety, tire lifetime and other features. Find out how you can spot the signs of wheel issues and where you can go in Escondido, California, to have a wheel alignment performed […]

What Throws Off Wheel Alignment

How To Protect Alignment Wheel alignment is part of the routine maintenance your car needs to stay healthy and perform its best. It can be damaging and dangerous to drive a car with bad alignment! So what can you do to avoid bad wheel alignment? West Automotive Group in Escondido, California has a few ideas. […]