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Why You Shouldn’t Drive With Bad Brakes

Proper Vehicle Maintenance Can Save lives

No one likes paying for automotive expenses, but you need to understand that the longer you wait to fix something, the more damage it may cause, and the higher the risk you put yourself in. The mechanics at West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California, can likely share some stories of people who waited too long to take their vehicles in, especially when talking about brake repair. Many people believe that even if their brakes are noticeably bad, they are safe to drive with. Not true. Aside from the risk of total failure, your brakes can cause significant damage to other parts.


Calipers are an essential piece of the braking system in your vehicle. These devices fit over the brake pad, and when you apply the brake pedal, they clamp down on the brake pad, applying pressure to the rotor to stop the car. When the pad wears away, the caliper and rotor grind together, causing damage.


The maneuverability and handling of your vehicle have to do with the balance of the suspension. When in balance, the driver experience will be smooth and in control. However, if out of balance, the experience will become uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Brakes contribute to the overall balance of your car, and when they go bad, they can throw your vehicle out of alignment.


Rotors, or brake disc, help to stop your wheels from spinning as the pads clamp down on its surface. Unfortunately, when the pads have worn down significantly, too much pressure is applied to the disc, causing them to warp, grind and, on occasion, break completely.


Driving around with bad brakes can also decrease the life expectancy of your tires. As you apply more pressure to the braking system, attempting to maintain stopping power, your tires are forced to carry the load of that increased pressure, which can lead to premature tread wear. Also, if you notice signs of uneven wear on your treads, then that is a sign of poor wheel alignment, which is another symptom of bad brakes.

If you have noticed a sudden decline in your vehicle's stopping power, then don't wait to have it checked out. Contact West Automotive Group and schedule an appointment.

Written by West Automotive Group