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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Brakes

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Brakes Although you might not think about your vehicle’s brake system daily, you use them every time you need to press down on your brake pedal and slow down your car. Don’t take your brakes for granted. Several things can go wrong if you think you can ignore your brakes. […]

How Calipers Work Within Your Car’s Braking System

Every Component Matters When it comes to your vehicle’s braking ability, failure is not an option. You know that your car has a braking system. That system is a cavalry of parts working together to achieve a single function, stopping your car. Therefore, every component matters. To make sure that all parts of the whole […]

Suiting Up for the Rough Game: Pads and Shoes

Brake Shoes vs. Brake Pads Everybody knows that a car’s brakes play a rough game. They have to slow down for every hazard, halt for every red traffic light or sign, and come to a screaming hot stop for emergencies. They protect you by stopping your vehicle in the same way proper attire and safety […]

Is Brake Fluid Really a Vehicle Component?

What Does Brake Fluid Do? Although brake fluid may not seem to be a major vehicle component such as a transmission or wheels, it is indeed vital to your auto’s ability to operate safely. All facets of braking system function, maintenance, and repair are crucial. To ensure the safe operation of your vehicle, keep your […]

Brake Pads: Explained

Brake Pads Explained: What Are They, And Why Do They Need Replacing? — West Automotive Group Even though there’s nothing soft about the metal components of your braking system, one of the most important parts is the brake pad. Considered wearable items that are used for a time and then replaced, the pads need to […]

Brake System Basics

Breaking Down The Major Brake Parts One important way to stay safe while driving is to keep your brake system well maintained. Whether you need emergency brake repair services or you’re looking for maintenance steps, learn more about your brake system and the benefits of routine brake repair services. Rotors The most important component in […]

Why You Shouldn’t Drive With Bad Brakes

Proper Vehicle Maintenance Can Save lives No one likes paying for automotive expenses, but you need to understand that the longer you wait to fix something, the more damage it may cause, and the higher the risk you put yourself in. The mechanics at West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California, can likely share some […]

How Fast Can a Car Stop?

And How Far Will You Travel? The best brakes in the world never overcome the laws of physics. Drivers in El Cajon need to be aware of the following point: Their braking distance increases by four times when they double their speed. It simply isn’t the case that braking distance doubles when speed does. So, […]

5 Warning Signs of Bad Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are obviously very important. It may not always be so obvious when you’re driving on bad brakes. There are many signs that you’ll want to notice long before your brakes stop working. This type of oversight can be very dangerous and very expensive. To keep your vehicle ahead of any costly brake […]

3 Common Vehicle Service Myths: Tire Pressure, Brake Fluid & Coolant

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, there are a lot of myths out there. At West Automotive Group, we’re here to help you fight through the auto repair fog and determine the best ways to care for your car! Below we have outlined three common vehicle service myths about your car’s coolant, brake fluid […]