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What Affects Car Alignment?

What Happened To My Wheel Alignment? -- West Automotive Group

Wheel alignment is important. While it might be ignored for a time, failure to bring your vehicle back into alignment if there's a problem will catch up with you soon. You'll likely find that your tires must be replaced sooner because the tread is worn away in some places (though not in others). Your riding experience will be less comfortable, and if you delay too long, you may discover that you have damaged other components of your car such as the suspension system. Therefore, if you suspect that your auto needs a wheel alignment, have it checked as soon as possible at West Automotive Group in El Cajon, CA, a trusted AAA repair shop.

The Most Common Causes

If you're not yet familiar with wheel alignment, you may be wondering what happened to cause your vehicle to lose its precise angles that allow all parts to move in a perfect relationship with one another. Anything can happen, but there are, in reality, three top causes that most often wreak havoc on wheel alignment. First, an unusual or extreme physical event can upset your car's alignment. Did you miss seeing that giant pothole, but not miss the pothole itself? Were you glad to avoid an accident, but not so happy that you jumped a curb in the process? Did someone miss the stop sign and crash into your auto? If you answered yes to any of those or other similar questions, you may have just found the answer to your alignment question.

A worn-out suspension system components such as shocks or struts can lead to a loosening of your vehicle's support. This loose condition can allow your car to shift or lean until it pushes or pulls itself out of its healthy angles. A third issue that has become more prevalent is the popularity of lift kits. Since manufacturers engineer their new vehicles to properly align based on the standard height of the stock product, raising the height without bringing the other angles into relationship through wheel alignment can cause the auto to be misaligned.

Restore Your Alignment, Restore Your Peace of Mind

If your vehicle is out of alignment, it can cost you time and money if you don't address the problem promptly. Clearly, it can lead to greater, more expensive damage, causing you to replace suspension parts or tires. Additionally, it can also wear on your peace of mind. How long will it be before something breaks? Can you afford a new set of tires so soon? Before your car or your nerves give out, bring your auto to the West Automotive Group’s certified technicians in El Cajon, California. We'll fix what's wrong and make your angles right again.

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