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Could That Be Mold In Your Car’s AC? -- West Automotive Group

You've heard of mold in someone's basement or attic. You know it can be found in the bathroom. But did you know it can wreak havoc on your car? It may be growing in your vehicle's air conditioning system right now without your knowledge because it happens more often than you might guess. Water leaks, condensation, and humidity can create an ideal environment for nasty fungus, and the AC system is like a five-star hotel for mold. Air entering the air conditioner from outside the car contains mold spores. The moisture that sometimes gets trapped in the system's hoses is quite attractive to those spores. If they settle there, mold has the opportunity to grow for a time before you know about it. If this occurs, you'll need to have your AC system professionally serviced and cleaned to ensure that the problem is eliminated. West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California, can assist you with all your AC needs.

Potential Signs of a Moldy AC System

Perhaps you're wondering how you'll know if there's mold in your vehicle's AC if you can't see it. The most obvious clue you'll have is a bad odor. If your car smells musty (much like a wet dog) every time you turn on the air conditioner, you may have a mold problem. In addition, if you and/or your passengers begin having breathing difficulties when riding in the auto with the AC on (and those problems don't otherwise exist), have your system checked for mold. Mold can be hazardous to your health. Sometimes, you may get only slightly cool or warm air when you turn on the air conditioner if mold is present because the air filter may be clogged. Mold is actually one of the most common causes of a blocked air filter. This particular issue may also be due to a lack of refrigerant instead of a choking filter. If you suspect AC mold, get help!

The Results and Cure

The smell of mold is not attractive to your passengers, nor is it good for occupants to breathe it. Mold exposure is associated with symptoms such as fatigue, allergies (sneezing, runny eyes, coughing, and skin reactions), infections, cold-like symptoms, breathing difficulties, headaches, and continual and/or prolonged drowsiness. What's more, it can damage your vehicle, one of your largest financial investments. A moldy AC system spreads spores all around the inside of the car. Not only does this impact people, but it also allows the spores to settle on all interior surfaces. Mold can gain a foothold on seats and carpeting, particularly if left sitting. If you think you have AC mold, get professional service at West Automotive Group.

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