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Four Common Vehicle AC Problems

Four Common Vehicle A/C Problems You’ll definitely feel it when your car’s air conditioning system goes out but there’s an array of issues that you personally can’t pinpoint. It may be your car’s a/c system has a clogged filter, a cooling fan problem, radiator trouble, or you might just need to recharge your AC. At […]

Should I Get My A/C Repaired?

The Short Answer Is “Yes” Should you shovel out the big bucks to get your air conditioning repaired? The hot summer sun would absolutely tell you, “yes.” However, fixing an air conditioning system can be a costly repair. Routine maintenance of your vehicle can keep you from expensive fixes that may strangle your savings account, […]

A Mint for Your Mouth, Refrigerant for Your Car

Keeping Cool: The Role of Refrigerant in Your Vehicle’s AC System Your vehicle’s air conditioning system depends upon refrigerant to produce cool air for the passenger cabin. Think of it as doing for the warm air what a mint does for your mouth. The refrigerant changes states between gas and liquid as it circulates around […]

Having a Compressor is Cool, Literally

You Can Control the Weather (Inside Your Car) Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control the weather? Every day would be your ideal temperature. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system (or heat) is working well, you can indeed control the weather–at least inside your car. However, staying comfortably cool depends upon your AC’s compressor, […]

Air and Fuel Filters: Explained

Who Knew There Was So Much To Filter? — West Automotive Group If you own a car, surely you’ve heard that you should have the filter changed. Although this is valuable information, did you know mentioning “a” filter or “the” filter, both singular descriptors, is a bit misleading? There is a minimum of five filters […]

Car AC Problems

Could That Be Mold In Your Car’s AC? — West Automotive Group You’ve heard of mold in someone’s basement or attic. You know it can be found in the bathroom. But did you know it can wreak havoc on your car? It may be growing in your vehicle’s air conditioning system right now without your […]