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Air and Fuel Filters: Explained

Who Knew There Was So Much To Filter? -- West Automotive Group

If you own a car, surely you've heard that you should have the filter changed. Although this is valuable information, did you know mentioning "a" filter or "the" filter, both singular descriptors, is a bit misleading? There is a minimum of five filters per vehicle. Depending upon the make or model of your vehicle, there might be even more. Who knew there were so many things to filter in your auto? Here's a hint: Even if you didn't know, the certified technicians at West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California, do. When you bring your vehicle to us for preventive maintenance services, we'll help you sort out the filters--regardless of how many you have--and change them according to the recommended schedule.

Filters Identified and Explained

The first filter that comes to mind for many drivers is for oil because the oil and its filter are generally changed at the same time. Its function is to remove metal shavings and dirt from the engine oil as it circulates, preventing damaging particles from continuing to circulate to areas where they can cause damage. Functioning similarly, a fuel filter grabs the contaminants such as dirt and grit that can clog your fuel injectors, causing the fuel pump to work harder and reducing engine performance. The air filter cleans the air to be used by the engine. In addition to tiny matter like dust, it catches larger items such as bugs. Your transmission also has a filter responsible for removing contaminants from the transmission fluid before it reaches its destination.

While all these filters take care of your vehicle, the cabin filter is designed to protect you. It removes particles such as dust and pollen from the air coming into the car through the heating and air conditioning vents. Added together, this is at least five filters in every passenger vehicle. However, in certain autos, there are multiples of some filters. For instance, some have a double fuel filter system to ensure the purity of the gas being sent to the injectors.

Filtering Your Auto Service Provider

All filters should be changed according to the manufacturer's recommendations, or sooner if you detect any problems. For oil filters, this equates to frequent changes because it should be done each time you change the oil. For other filters, service is needed less frequently. Your owner's manual will provide mileage and/or chronological guidance. When looking for an auto shop, however, you can filter your choices on your own. Once you filter options, considering knowledge, customer service, warranty, and convenience, we hope you'll choose us -- West Automotive Group for your service.

Written by West Automotive Group