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How to Prepare for California’s Smog Check

How can you prepare your car for the California smog check? -- West Automotive Group

California is recognized as a leader in the field of emissions and smog control. In fact, by the time the federal government enacted national clean air standards, our state already had even more stringent requirements in place. California was afforded the option of retaining the regulations already in place. Sixteen more states have since mirrored the Golden State's so-called CARB rules. This attention to detail may seem meticulous to some, but it's very important, particularly around large cities, and especially in the Los Angeles area. LA occupies a unique geographic position where it gets an incoming sea breeze that hits the dam of mountains on three sides, allowing pollution to become trapped, forming smog. As we all work together to protect the air we breathe, prepare your vehicle for the smog check with preventive maintenance or repair at West Automotive Group in Escondido, California.

Specifics of the Golden State’s Regulations

To keep your auto compliant and legally on the road, it's helpful to understand some specifics of our state's requirements. These rules apply to every car made in or since 1976, no matter whether it runs on gasoline, diesel, methanol/ethanol products, natural gas, propane, or hybrid electricity. The vehicle must also pass a smog inspection before the title can be transferred between owners. Thereafter, it must meet that requirement once every two years as long as it remains registered in California.

The initial registration inspection is waived for some newer vehicles purchased in-state. The state determines this possible waiver based on the power method and year model. Cars brought in from other states are not exempt from the transfer inspection unless they are classics made before 1976. There are a few other exceptions, including pre-1997 diesel passenger cars, heavy diesel trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than 14,500 pounds, motorcycles, title transfer between certain immediate family members, or autos that had a smog certificate submitted within the 90 days prior to transfer.

Your Golden Ticket to Smog Check Preparation

The best way to ensure that your vehicle is ready to pass its required smog check is to have preventive maintenance services performed regularly as outlined in your owner's manual and/or suggested by your mechanic. This will take care of many smaller problems that can develop into larger issues that may trigger the check engine warning or interfere with emissions control. Not only will your auto be ready for inspection, but you will gain the bonus of improved performance, saving you money over the long term on fuel costs. For help with all your car maintenance and repair needs, including smog check preparation, you can trust the West Automotive Group.

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