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Car Suspension: Explained

Can You Please Explain What Is Meant By The Suspension System? -- West Automotive Group

The suspension system is underneath your vehicle, so it isn't as easily visible as the gear shift, the headlights, or the radio. It may feel just as challenging for some drivers to understand it as it is to see it. We'll describe a few of the basics for you, and we'll be glad to assist you with the maintenance and repair of your auto's suspension system. West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California, has been in business for nearly three decades, earning a reputation for outstanding service. Our technicians are both ASE and ATRA certified, assuring you they're well equipped to meet your car care needs. And, of course, we back our work with a warranty.

Types of Suspensions

While every vehicle has a suspension system, your car doesn't necessarily have the same type as your neighbor's. That's because there are multiple types. A dependent suspension causes the wheel on one end of the axle to be dependent upon the wheel at the other end of the axle. They must move in unison because they're fixed, having no flexibility. This suspension offers the advantage of supporting heavy loads, so it is usually found on big vehicles.

An independent suspension, on the other hand, is often seen in passenger cars. It allows each wheel to move separately from the other wheels, affording occupants a smoother ride. Independent suspension systems are also found in several well-known varieties. Lightweight and easy to use for small vehicles, the MacPherson Strut employs a coil spring over strut design, so it handles bumps well.

A double-wishbone suspension uses two arms (wishbone-shaped, of course), to connect the car body to the wheel. It adds control, making it a common choice for sports car manufacturers. The torsion beam, twist beam, or independent suspension (terms used interchangeably) links the wheels directly to the axle at each end but allows for flexibility. Finally, the airbag suspension has a compressor or electric pump that inflates rubber airbags near the wheels. Although this suspension was once found only on commercial vehicles, it has gained popularity with some luxury auto manufacturers.

Major Suspension System Components Some of the major suspension components include shocks or struts, which absorb jolts and smooths out the ride, and helps you maintain control. Control arms connect the wheels and chassis. Suspension bushings lessen friction and noise, while the sway bar and sway bar bushings keep the car from leaning over too far in a curve.

Keeping Your Suspension in Good Repair

To keep your vehicle operating safely and comfortably, keep your suspension system in good repair. West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California, is your reliable suspension repair shop.

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