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Car Struts and Shock Repair 101

Our Suspension Repair Experts Will Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape Well-Maintained Shocks, and Struts Are Essential My car is driving fine, so why must I replace my struts and shocks? This is a question many mechanics get asked, along with the suspension repair specialists at West Automotive Group in San Diego County, California. Many […]

What Suspension Parts Are Likely To Fail?

What parts of your suspension system are prone to failure? The suspension system of your vehicle is composed of hundreds of parts under constant stress as they support the weight of your vehicle and its occupants. These same parts are then responsible for giving you a safe, smooth ride. Because of these parts’ stress, they […]

There Are How Many Car Suspension Types?

The Four Types Of Car Suspensions Picture it: you’re driving along a scenic route with trees changing colors. Rich reds catch your eye. Bright yellows morph into soft oranges. Trees sway with the breeze filtering through the cracks in your car windows, filling your nostrils with fresh air. Then, you slam into a pothole. Your […]

Amusement Ride or Worn Shocks?

Signs You Need Shock Repair Amusement rides can be great fun for those who enjoy a wild jaunt. If driving your car feels like an unexpected trip on a roller coaster, however, you could have a suspension problem. Specifically, your vehicle’s shock absorbers are designed to smooth out your ride and enhance your control as […]

Car Suspension: Explained

Can You Please Explain What Is Meant By The Suspension System? — West Automotive Group The suspension system is underneath your vehicle, so it isn’t as easily visible as the gear shift, the headlights, or the radio. It may feel just as challenging for some drivers to understand it as it is to see it. […]