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“Help Me Keep This Straight”

How Wheel Alignment Helps Your Car


We've all heard the expression "keeping something straight." Generally, it means to keep something in order or working properly. For your vehicle, proper wheel alignment certainly keeps things straight. First, it literally impacts how the car steers. Second, it affects the performance and durability of other parts over time. This translates to wheel alignment also being a factor in keeping the auto figuratively straight--in good working order. If you're concerned about your vehicle's wheel alignment and want to have it checked or if you already know there's a problem, schedule an appointment with West Automotive Group in Miramar, California. Our experienced ASE and ATRA certified technicians are great with wheel alignment and all your suspension repair needs.

Why Alignment is Important

Wheel alignment is very important for your vehicle's overall health, performance, and durability. The term refers to the major angles of toe, thrust, camber, and caster. To be more precise, ensuring correct wheel alignment allows a technician to control the relationship of the wheels and axles to one another and to the car body. If your means of transportation is out of alignment, you may notice a variety of troubles. They're all indicators of the negative impact misalignment is having on your vehicle. For instance, your auto may pull to one side as you drive even though you're trying to move straight ahead. Additionally, your steering wheel may not be straight or may fail to return to center, and you may find that your tires are wearing out too soon or wearing unevenly. That is, some spots are bare of tread, while others still have plenty.

If you leave the problem unaddressed, it will only become worse over time. Eventually, you may even discover that you've incurred damage to other suspension system components. What's more, because bad alignment reduces handling ability, you're actually putting your safety at risk when you delay taking care of a misalignment issue. On the other hand, you're adding several bonuses when you keep your vehicle properly aligned. Your tires last a lot longer, and your ride is more pleasant. You feel fewer vibrations, and you're not constantly fighting with the steering wheel to control the car.

Your Local Shop for Wheel Alignment

Since 1993, West Automotive Group has been your local go-to shop for suspension repair and wheel alignment. When you schedule a wheel alignment with us, our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to measure the suspension angles. They attach clamps to each wheel, and then our computerized alignment machine makes precise measurements. Controlled pushing and pulling along with remeasurement allows mechanics to bring all the suspension angles back into a harmonious relationship with one another. You'll notice improvement in ride and handling immediately, so schedule an appointment today.

Written by West Automotive Group