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Amusement Ride or Worn Shocks?

Signs You Need Shock Repair

Amusement rides can be great fun for those who enjoy a wild jaunt. If driving your car feels like an unexpected trip on a roller coaster, however, you could have a suspension problem. Specifically, your vehicle's shock absorbers are designed to smooth out your ride and enhance your control as you travel over uneven surfaces. If you're noticing difficult handling, you feel your car is somewhat out of control, or your journey is no longer comfortable, schedule an appointment with West Automotive Group in Escondido, California. Our ASE and ATRA certified technicians have been taming the coaster since 1993. Let us replace your worn out shocks and take care of all your suspension repair needs.

Signs of Worn Shocks

Do you recognize any of these signs? You’re driving down your own street, but it feels like you’re in an amusement park. If so, perhaps your shock absorbers are worn. One indicator of shock wear is rocking back and forth or the sensation that you're rolling across the road surface. This is not a good feeling when you're trying to drive safely. You may also hear or feel rattling, and experience increased stopping distances. That's never a good situation. Will you have enough time to stop in an emergency?

An increase in the vibration you feel as you hold the steering wheel can also be a sign of dilapidated shocks. Additionally, braking may result in your auto dipping or swerving. These are obvious issues with handling and safety. Further, you may notice greater difficulty in controlling your vehicle in windy conditions. Maybe you have to make a steering correction with every little gust. Who wants to feel as if they're being blown over the side of a bridge at any moment?

Finally, if your tires are wearing unevenly, have one of our technicians check your shocks. While this condition may be caused by several issues, worn shocks reduce your tires' contact with the road. Instead of a steadily maintained connection, your tires repeatedly disconnect and reconnect with the pavement. This can cause the uneven wear you're seeing.

Your Go-To Local Shop for Suspension Repair

Worn shock absorbers are more than a minor inconvenience or a slight discomfort. They can actually create handling problems that lead to safety hazards. While most shock absorbers are designed to last at least 50,000 miles, the life of these suspension components is most often dependent upon your driving habits and where you drive. For instance, do you typically drive carefully, or do you mindlessly hit every pothole and jump several curbs per week? Does your daily drive take you along well maintained streets, or do you enjoy frequent offroading? Regardless of your answers, count on West Automotive Group for all suspension repairs.

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