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Pothole Potluck

What Can Happen When You Hit a Pothole

Avoiding suspension damage on your daily drive is in some ways comparable to attending a community potluck dinner. First, you never know what you're going to get. Just as you never know if the contributed dishes will be delicious or barely palatable, you can never be sure if the road you take is going to be smooth or full of bumps and potholes. What you can count on, however, is the superior caliber of vehicle service you'll get at West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California. Our ASE and ATRA certified technicians can help you with suspension repair regardless of what happened along your potluck drive.

The Buffet Table: How Suspension Works

To continue the potluck analogy, think of your car's suspension as the rectangular folding table that's set up to hold the long line of food dishes. As long as the legs are solidly under the table, no one thinks about the important job the table does. The same might be said for your auto's suspension system. As long as it functions as intended, your ride and handling are great.

You probably spend little time thinking about the balancing act that's occurring between handling and comfort. The tires, wheels, shock absorbers, linkages, and springs work in unison to hold your car to the road. This increases control and decreases jostling within the passenger cabin. As you cross uneven surfaces, springs dissipate kinetic energy and shock absorbers dampen the motion.

When the Table Falls: How Damage Can Occur

Imagine attending the same potluck. This time, however, someone accidentally hits a table leg, collapsing it. The tables tips and falls, dumping food onto the ground and breaking some of the dishes. This could remind you of what possibly happens to your car when you hit a bad pothole. A severe jolt can damage your suspension because the shock absorbers' pistons can only compress and extend so far. With too much stress, they can bottom out or rupture.

What's more, your vehicle can lose its state of proper wheel alignment where the accurate angles keep the car steering straight and handling well. Even if the damage is not this sudden, repeated beating and banging can wear on all suspension components over time. Not only will you notice a rougher ride, your handling ability will decrease (which can be dangerous) and you'll begin to notice wear on multiple vehicle parts. For instance, misalignment will cause your tires to wear unevenly and need replacing sooner.

Picking Up the Pieces: Suspension Repair

If the table has crashed for your car and you suspect suspension damage, bring your vehicle to West Automotive Group. We offer a full range of services and repairs for all makes and models. You may even save some money by visiting our Specials web page.

Written by West Automotive Group