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New Drivers, Same Old Habits

Good Driving Habits for New Drivers

New drivers have the unique opportunity of a fresh start, so developing good motoring habits early is important. This becomes particularly important when one considers that 75% of all major crashes involving teens (who comprise the majority of the novice driver group) are the result of three common factors. These are lack of scanning the entire driving situation, driving too fast for conditions, and focusing on something other than the driving task at hand. It appears that too many new drivers are falling into the same old habits that prevent them from paying adequate attention to safe vehicle operation. At West Automotive Group in Miramar, California, we care about the well-being of all our drivers. We urge new drivers to be attentive. When it's time for preventive maintenance services and repairs, let our certified technicians help you out. Keep your focus on the road, and we'll focus on fixing your car.

Pay Attention to Paying Attention

We've been there. We understand the number of things competing for your focus as you drive. Just remember that you need to pay attention to paying attention. Ask yourself periodically as you drive, "Am I paying careful attention to everything I should?" Specifically, monitor and guard yourself against some of the most common driving distractions. These aren't otherwise "bad" things, they are simply common causes of a dangerous shift in mental sharpness and can most often be categorized at visual, manual, or cognitive distractions.

A visual distraction makes you look away from driving. For example, looking around for an item you dropped takes your line of sight away from the road. Watching a GPS screen can cause this, too. Another potential distraction is watching other occupants' faces as they speak to you. As you might guess, a manual distraction causes you to take your hands off the steering wheel. Eating or handing items to passengers are common instances. Other problems include adjusting controls such as the cruise control, radio, or heat/air. Finally, when your primary line of thought is about something other than driving, you're experiencing a cognitive distraction. That can be a problem when holding conversations even if you're using a hands-free phone or not watching passengers. Daydreaming can be another possible mental diversion.

Pay Attention to Car Repairs

While your primary attention as a new driver needs to be on safe auto operation, you should also pay attention to your vehicle's roadworthiness. Don't ignore routine maintenance and needed repairs that can lead to breakdowns or safety hazards. For all your mechanical repair needs, count on the ASE and ATRA certified personnel at West Automotive Group.While you may be new as a driver, we're experienced as your local auto shop because we've been in business since 1993.

Written by West Automotive Group