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Having a Compressor is Cool, Literally

You Can Control the Weather (Inside Your Car)

Wouldn't it be nice if you could control the weather? Every day would be your ideal temperature. If your vehicle's air conditioning system (or heat) is working well, you can indeed control the weather--at least inside your car. However, staying comfortably cool depends upon your AC's compressor, so you'll want to keep that in good repair. For help with your compressor or any other auto AC repairs, count on the ASE and ATRA certified technicians at West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California.

AC System and Refrigerant Overview

Your transportation's AC works using a gas refrigerant under high pressure. As air moves through, an evaporator removes the heat so that cool air can enter the passenger zone. The refrigerant absorbs the heat, and the compressor changes the gas into liquid as it moves through a tube toward the condenser. The condenser cools the compressed refrigerant before sending it to the expansion valve or orifice tube. (The specific part depends on the construction of your system.) Back in a gas state, the refrigerant's moisture is removed by the accumulator or drier. The refrigerant returns to the evaporator to begin the cycle again. Depending on your car's age and AC service date, you may have one of three kinds of refrigerant. R12 was standard until 1994, but it can no longer be used in new cars or in repairs because it damages the ozone layer. Its replacement was R134a. That's better for the atmosphere, but it still causes harm. It will be off the market after 2021. R1234rf has been deemed the suitable new substitute, so some new models already include that refrigerant. They all serve the same function in keeping you cool.

The Important Function of the Compressor

Now that you better understand the cooling system, it's easier to understand the compressor's function. You must have one so that the refrigerant is pressurized. Otherwise, your AC won't be able to cool your car. Therefore, the compressor is the system’s powerhouse, making it a very "cool" component. If this part isn't working or doesn't function as well as it should, you'll experience poor AC performance or outright failure. Several things can go wrong. For instance, the AC compressor is operated using an engine-accessory belt on most model vehicles. If the belt is loose, worn, or slipping, the compressor cannot do its job properly. If it breaks, this critical component won't work at all. Also, parts inside the compressor can fail, preventing it from working. Finally, this part can develop a refrigerant leak, impeding the ability to cool the air adequately. If you suspect a compressor problem, trust West Automotive Group in El Cajon, CA, for auto AC repair.

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