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Understanding the Total Oil Package, Including Additives

What Are Engine Oil Additives?

Every vehicle owner knows that oil is important to auto operation. Few, however, understand why oil is so critical and how additives function to enhance an already good substance. We're glad to give you a little information, and we're also here to help you with all your oil change needs. The next time you need preventive maintenance services, schedule an appointment with West Automotive Group in Miramar, California.

What is Oil’s Function?

Before investigating engine oil additives, we'll quickly review lubricant's function in your vehicle. Oil does three major jobs in your car. First, it lubricates the moving metal components, protecting them from damaging friction. Also, it helps prevent the engine from catastrophic meltdown by absorbing and removing some of the heat the friction generates. Finally, it grabs and suspends much of the debris and dirt particles that can ruin engine components. Remember that it's important to not only have enough oil, but also for the oil to be fresh and clean. Aging oil can break down, losing its vital properties and combining with dirt to form sludge.

What are Engine Oil Additives?

Although oil is a fabulous lubricant, a petroleum derivative alone can't help your engine in the way that commercially produced motor oil can. Why? The prepackaged oil you buy is roughly 15% additives by volume. These additives do a lot of great things for your vehicle. For instance, there are additives in all major brands that help reduce wear and corrosion of metal components. Further, other chemical compounds help the oil maintain its own vitality so it is usable and more effective for a longer period of time.

In addition to the typical additives already included in your purchased product, you can also opt to buy more compounds, too. Some auto enthusiasts consider these "aftermarket" or "supplemental" additives important to use between oil changes. They contend that additives are depleted over time and with use, accounting for much of the overall aging and degradation oil exhibits. The thought is that replacing the lost chemical compounds extends the life of the oil and leads to better engine protection.

Do Additives Really Add Value?

While others believe in the value of additives, others question whether they really add much. One argument is that the molecules an extra additive attaches to engine components may actually prevent another agent from working as it should. There is no clear-cut right or wrong answer. It comes down to the auto owner's choice. When pondering the question of using additives, however, one should review the manufacturer's warranty for information regarding all topics related to oil change. Rest assured, however, that regular oil changes at West Automotive Group do add value by extending the life of your vehicle.

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