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Three Reasons Your Vehicle has an Engine Oil Leak

Three Reasons Your Vehicle has an Oil Leak Oil leaks can be difficult to diagnose because it could indicate various problems with your vehicle’s oil system. Luckily, oil leaks can be avoided by oil system repairs and oil changes at a reputable auto repair shop. At West Kearny Mesa Automotive & Transmission in San Diego, […]

Sorting Through Your Motor Oil Choices

First Things First. Plan on Oil Changes. If you want your vehicle to run well and last a long time, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid plan of preventive maintenance services. One of the most important of those is regular oil change because it helps ensure that your car has a sufficient […]

To Oil or Not to Oil: Electric Car Maintenance

Thinking About Electric Vehicle Maintenance If you’re driving your first electric vehicle, you already know that it’s quite different from a traditional auto powered by a combustion engine. Until you learn the ropes, you’ll want to think through the routine services your car will need. You may even be wondering if your new ride needs […]

Understanding the Total Oil Package, Including Additives

What Are Engine Oil Additives? Every vehicle owner knows that oil is important to auto operation. Few, however, understand why oil is so critical and how additives function to enhance an already good substance. We’re glad to give you a little information, and we’re also here to help you with all your oil change needs. […]

OIL: Oh, It’s Lit!

Oil Light Warning Causes Every driver knows that oil is vital to vehicle function and health, even if they don’t understand why. Therefore, seeing the dashboard oil light illuminate may cause panic for some, leading them to exclaim, “Oh, it’s lit!” If this happens to you, there’s no need to panic. We’ll walk you through […]

The Money-Saving Trap: How Your Oil Filter Does Its Job

How Do Oil Filters Work? When something is described as a “trap,” that’s often not a good sign. In the case of your vehicle’s oil filter, however, that description is not only fitting, it’s exactly what you need. In fact, an oil filter’s function is so important that it actually saves you lots of money […]

What is Engine Sludge?

You Put Mud In Your Engine? — West Automotive Group In general, cars aren’t cheap. You likely paid a hefty sum to get that cute sports car for an exciting drive. Or a four-wheel drive truck for off-roading or towing a load. You wanted a perfect sedan for the commute or minivan to haul half […]

What Kind of Oil Do I Need?

Conventional? Synthetic? High-Mileage? Your engine needs oil for proper lubrication. There are so many different weights, types and brands of motor oil that it can be difficult to find the right option for your next oil change. Learn more about the basic types of engine oil and how you can enjoy an affordable, full-service oil […]

What Is Oil Viscosity?

Understanding Properties of Motor Oil When you get an oil change, whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it, you likely know that you need to get the right type of oil. Different motor oils have ratings such as 5W-30. This represents the oil viscosity. A lot of drivers don’t really understand […]

Should You Change Oil When It’s Dirty?

How Dirty Is Too Dirty? Do you know when to change your car’s motor oil? Some people say to change the oil whenever it gets dirty, but how dirty is too dirty? West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California has the answers to all of your motor oil-related questions. Why Does Motor Oil Get Dirty? […]