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To Oil or Not to Oil: Electric Car Maintenance

Thinking About Electric Vehicle Maintenance

If you're driving your first electric vehicle, you already know that it's quite different from a traditional auto powered by a combustion engine. Until you learn the ropes, you'll want to think through the routine services your car will need. You may even be wondering if your new ride needs motor oil. While every kind of automobile needs preventive maintenance services and repairs, the need for engine oil depends on what you have. Specifically, is the car all-electric, or is it hybrid? Regardless of which power plant you have, the ASE and ATRA certified technicians at West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, California, are here for you.

What Your Car Needs Depends On What You Bought

Some people interchange terms for any vehicle that operates using electrical power, so be sure to clarify exactly what you have. As the name implies, an all-electric vehicle works solely on electrical power. On the other hand, a hybrid uses a balance of electrical power and a combustion engine (often downsized). While some call this an electric vehicle, this is an inaccurate label. A hybrid always includes both power sources even though the percentage of operation done using one or the other may vary.

Maintenance Your Auto Does and Does Not Needs

If your auto is indeed all-electric, it will still need routine service and care. Have the vehicle checked annually. Doing so will help you not develop problems, keeping the car in great shape for a long time. During the service visit, your technician will check for sufficient fluid levels in the electric engine. Also, they will look for wear on tires, windshield wiper blades, cabin air filters, and other consumable items. They will check the batteries, too. A completely electric engine will not need standard oil changes. That's because oil is used in an internal combustion engine to lubricate the moving metal parts. This type of engine is not found in your all-electric auto. Additionally, you won't need to service/repair other related items, either. These include the exhaust system, fuel filters, belts, hoses, and spark plugs.

Electric Vehicle Care Close to Home

Congratulations on purchasing an electric vehicle! If you're looking to save on gas and/or to save wear and tear on the environment, you've made a good move. What's more, you won't have to drive a long way to get great service and repairs. Since 1993, West Automotive Group in Kearny Mesa, CA, has provided local drivers with outstanding car care. We back our work with a generous warranty. You may even be able to save money. Visit our Special page for details.

Written by West Automotive Group