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Is Limp Mode as Bad as It Sounds?

Is My Car Dead?

Limp mode is a terrible sounding name. Understandably, it might strike fear in the heart of a car owner who has never heard of it before. Indeed, it might do the same for a driver who has never experienced this slowdown while operating an auto. As bad as it seems, limp mode (also called limp home mode) is an automotive feature designed to protect both you and your vehicle. Specifically, it helps ward off catastrophic engine failure while allowing you to reach a safe space to get off the road. So, no, your car is not "dead." Therefore, if your transportation enters limp mode, don't panic. Assess your situation, and contact the ASE and ATRA certified technicians at West Automotive Group in Escondido, California, for engine repair.

Exactly What Is It?

While a sudden, tremendous slowdown as you travel is not a pleasant experience, it is an internal protection mode that activates when your auto's computerized monitoring system recognizes an engine or transmission issue. These are issues that could harm your vehicle if it keeps operating at road speed. Your vehicle has not become completely immobile, yet it is in danger. Therefore, the computer sends your car into limp mode, a compromise that lets you move at a greatly reduced speed to reach a safe place such as a repair shop or your home. Thus, while the snail's-pace ride isn't particularly fun, it's an acceptable solution for both you and your automobile. When in limp mode, the car shouldn't be driving a long way. That's not the purpose of this feature. Rather, it's a means of emergency relief from becoming completely stranded or ruining a major component or system. If you can get to a suitable safe place by motoring a short distance in moderate traffic, do so. However, if the traffic situation is dangerous or you have a long way to go, you should pull off at a safe point nearby or call for a tow truck to assist you in reaching an auto repair shop.

Assessing Your Situation

As mentioned, if your auto has entered limp mode, you should assess your current situation to decide if you can safely continue at a low rate of speed or if you should call for a tow. Whichever determination you reach, be sure to bring your car to West Automotive Group in Escondido, CA. We'll help you accurately assess the vehicle using our OBD-II reading to obtain a trouble code. Paired with our knowledge and experience, this indicator will allow us to pinpoint the problem and make the repair needed to get your auto out of limp mode. We stand behind our work with a generous warranty, and you may even save with specials.

Written by West Automotive Group