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Does Your Engine Squeal When You Start It? Here’s Why.

What causes that squealing noise in my engine? Does your car make a high-pitched squealing noise when you start it up? That noise could be a sign of a failing serpentine belt or alternator. You must quickly take your vehicle in for engine repair if you hear that noise. Signs of a Failing Alternator You […]

Is Limp Mode as Bad as It Sounds?

Is My Car Dead? Limp mode is a terrible sounding name. Understandably, it might strike fear in the heart of a car owner who has never heard of it before. Indeed, it might do the same for a driver who has never experienced this slowdown while operating an auto. As bad as it seems, limp […]

Coolant? Antifreeze? Water?

What Is It and Why Does it Matter? You know you need fluid in your vehicle, but perhaps you’re confused by the different terminology you’ve heard tossed around. You’ve heard that you need coolant. You’ve heard that you need antifreeze. Somebody asked if you’d checked the water in your car. Coolant and antifreeze are the […]