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Hit the Gas and Drive Toward Your Career in Auto Repair

Fueling the Career Thatโ€™s Right for You

A couple of principles apply to your career opportunities. First, we're fortunate to live in a country where we're free to choose our own career paths. Second, a good bit of life is what you make it. Will you spend your working years in a dull job that you hate, or will you pour your energy into building a career you love? There are many opportunities to earn a good living and help others in the various auto repair trades. For examples of mechanical repair opportunities, take a look at West Automotive Group in Miramar, California.

Many Lanes of Travel in the Same Direction

Auto repair may be a single term, but it's similar to a multi-lane highway where all the travelers will arrive at a single destination. That is, there are many avenues you might take in auto repair. Each is a little different, but they all ground you in the transportation industry and assist others. Work locations include franchised and independently owned service/repair shops, dealerships, and body/collision repair shops. There are different slots to fill at each place. For example, you could be a mechanic/automotive technician, service writer, collision repair specialist, service department manager, etc. As you can see, not all who are in the auto repair trade work on vehicles.

Within each position category, there are more specialized roles. For instance, you may perform a narrow scope of services such as AC repair, brake work, or suspension maintenance, or you may opt to be a general technician who works on everything. You may work exclusively on contracted repairs through one insurer, or you may do all kinds of bodywork for anyone who stops by. No matter what you like, there's sure to be an industry segment that's perfect for you. If the shop isn't your groove, check out the possibilities at insurance companies, schools, auto parts stores, and manufacturers/distribution points. Find the career that makes you happiest. Live your best life, and help others live theirs by assisting them with auto repair.

Your Roadmap to Get to the Career You Want

Regardless of which automotive repair niche interests you, you can find a way to get there. Some require on-the-job training, while others call for advanced degrees. Many opportunities open up for those who choose to obtain ASE certifications in one or more education strands. Thus, whether you're planning on years of schooling or somewhat less, you can have a career somewhere like West Automotive Group in Miramar, CA.

Written by West Automotive Group