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How to Recognize the Need for Wheel Alignment

Does Wheel Alignment Really Matter?

You've probably heard the expression about "reading the writing on the wall." When it comes to your vehicle needing wheel alignment, the signs are nearly as clear. Instead of being written on a wall, however, you'll detect them on the pavement where you drive. Even when the signs are present, some people wonder if wheel alignment matters all that much. After all, the car is still rolling, right? In a word, yes, it does indeed matter. An auto out of proper alignment does not handle well, so it may pose a danger to you as you try to maneuver and handle road conditions. Also, it can lead to premature tire wear and possible damage to other suspension system components. Therefore, know and heed the warnings, and bring your vehicle to West Automotive Group in El Cajon, California, for wheel alignment and other suspension repair needs.

Signs Nearly as Clear as Written Words

While the signs that your car needs a wheel alignment are not written words, they are nearly as clear once you know what to look for. For example, notice the position of your steering wheel. If it isn't straight as you drive ahead, or if it won't return to center, you may have a wheel alignment problem. Also, squealing tires could be an indicator, crying out a warning as they try to grapple against the asphalt to go straight. Furthermore, even tire wear may be something you notice. If you see patches of tread that are seriously worn while others nearby have much less damage, this is almost surely a sign of an alignment issue. Unless you get attention for your car and get a quick handle on those tires, you'll find yourself having to replace them sooner than you wanted to. That's expensive, and the costs may not stop there. Driving a car that's out of alignment over the long term can cause undue stress and damage other suspension system components.

Wheel Alignment Nearby

If you detect one of these symptoms, the bad news is that you probably indeed need a wheel alignment. The good news, however, is that this is a problem you can correct. This service is available without you even having to leave the area. West Automotive Group has ASE and ATRA-certified technicians who can take care of the problem for you. Since 1993, our staff has provided exceptional repairs along with outstanding customer service. Our regular customers can attest that we are fast, friendly, and convenient. We work on any make or model and even offer specials.

Written by West Automotive Group