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Is Your Car Starting To Drive You?

This Is Why Your Arms Feel So Tired

It’s date night, and dinner is already calling your name. You jump behind the wheel of your vehicle, crank up that smooth engine, and ease your way onto the road. Except, something doesn’t feel right. The wheel keeps tugging you in a different direction. Your knuckles whiten to keep the wheel straight. Even your tires seem to work against you as you try to turn in one direction, and they attempt to pull you in another one. What is the deal?

In most cases, you likely need a wheel alignment.

What Does That Mean?

When your tires are out of alignment, all it means is that they are pointing in the wrong direction. That’s why you feel as if your car is attempting to drive you in a direction you don’t need.

What Are Other Symptoms?

When a vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, the most common symptom is feeling as if the car is tugging you in a different direction when driving. However, that isn’t the only symptom. Sometimes, your steering wheel starts making noises every time you attempt to turn. Or, the tread on your tires might start wearing down in an uneven pattern. You may even look down at your steering wheel and see that it’s crooked, even though you’re driving perfectly straight! All of these are symptoms of wheels that are out of alignment, and it requires professional attention to fix.

So, I Know What’s Happening. Now What?

Once you start experiencing one or more of the symptoms above, it’s time to call your trusty technicians at West Automotive Group in West Escondido, CA. They will give your vehicle a thorough inspection before officially diagnosing the issue. Keep in mind. They may need to know more background information on your vehicle in order to properly service it in its entirety, so come with as much information as you can muster. Knowing your vehicle’s repair background is going to be helpful, but also take stock of when you first noticed the problem. Is it worse on some roads but not on others? Have you had your tires rotated recently? These are all things that will better help your certified technician to bring your vehicle back into tip-top shape.

On The Road Again!

Once your technician has the full picture of what you’re experiencing with your vehicle, they will be able to rectify the problem and get you back on the road. Safety is paramount to West Automotive Group in West Escondido, CA, and you can rest assured that they will do everything within their power to help you out. If you’re experiencing any of the above issues or simply wish to have your car looked at by professionals who care, give them a call today at [as_phone]. They can get you back on the road to making memories timely, conveniently, and most safely.

Written by West Automotive Group